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Re: Mac Facing New Threats?
Posted by Ian Orchard on 2005-05-08 07:08:25
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In April 2004, I wrote an item for this column headlined "OS X Virus Hoax?" in response to a news item that was spreading fear, uncertainty and despondency (FUD) about a trojan theoretically capable of attacking Mac OS X computers. Here we are a year later and once again a manufacturer of antivirus software is wailing "the sky is falling." Once again, closer scrutiny reveals little change in the last year. Potential loopholes that might allow some low-life to weasel his way into Macs have been found, but so far no-one has even attempted it.

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Re: Mac Facing New Threats?  Ian Orchard  2005-05-08 07:08:25
Re: Mac Facing New Threats?  eks  2005-05-08 07:18:52
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