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Re: iPad Sales Boom While Netbooks Gather Dust
Posted by Erika Morphy on 2010-05-08 04:47:53
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The iPad appears to be making significant inroads into the netbook market, based on research findings and the conclusions of a Morgan Stanley analyst, but other analysts aren't so quick to agree. Netbook sales are no longer growing at the double-digit rates of the last few years, noted analyst Katy Huberty, based on research conducted by Morgan Stanley and NPD. Also bolstering her case is a Morgan Stanley/Alphawise survey that found 44 percent of U.S. consumers who planned to buy an iPad claimed to be buying it instead of a netbook or laptop.

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Re: iPad Sales Boom While Netbooks Gather Dust  Erika Morphy  2010-05-08 04:47:53
iPad vs netbook  mitrich  2010-05-08 04:53:42
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