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it would be their best move in hardware in many years, but needs work
Posted by ronnyromero on 2010-04-20 14:39:32
In reply to Brian R. Hook
i would think this is a good move from Apple....they are growing at a pretty fas pace and they would give enough use to what AMD can offer them given the way they do their equipments and the way they have built them before they started using intel. But there is another player here, and that is NVIDIA; Apple has a strong relation with NVIDIA, strong enough to go against Intel to get their notebooks use NVIDIA even when Intel is closing them from it, and then trying to go around using legal openings. Sure, AMD is a good move given the things Apple is going for...all their major equipments would benefit from it in the long run, but their next probable upgrade for each of them will suffer from this and we would end up having a 2years delay in the next model for each of these until everything gets set. However, if Apple makes a very studied move, set with a very specific fusion project, we would see next generation plattforms in just a year, wich would not severe their common launch and updates. I would say go for it, and make it public just after everything is set to go and on track for a 12month work.

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Re: Analyst: Apple Could Be Weighing AMD Acquisition  Brian R. Hook  2010-04-20 12:17:26
Can AMD make Apple happy?  jescott418  2010-04-27 13:43:29
Doesn't make much sense for AMD  ET3D  2010-04-21 22:20:16
Bad move  stealth  2010-04-20 18:47:34
it would be their best move in hardware in many years, but needs work  ronnyromero  2010-04-20 14:39:32
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