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Re: Zorin OS Core Makes GNOME More Comfortable
Posted by: Jack M. Germain 2020-03-22 03:33:29
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Zorin OS 15.2, released on March 8, adds an impressive selection of upgrades and improvements to an already well-oiled Linux operating system. Since its debut in July 2009 Zorin OS cofounder Artyom Zorin has hawked his distribution as an ideal Microsoft Windows replacement. That description is a strong selling point for this easier-to-use computing platform, but anyone looking for a perfect Windows replacement will be disappointed. Of course, no Linux distro can be an actual Microsoft clone -- nor should it be.

Re: Zorin OS Core Makes GNOME More Comfortable
Posted by: jymm 2020-03-23 02:53:39 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
I am all for anything that makes Gnome more usable, oops, I meant more "Comfortable"!

Re: Zorin OS Core Makes GNOME More Comfortable
Posted by: PrimeSuspect 2020-03-22 03:39:01 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
Zorin is one of the few distros I have on my excellent list. The Lite version is lightening fast and you can replace the less interesting Xfce items such as the weather and notes apps with a Cumulus appimage and Rainlendar Lite. Iíve never been a great fan of Gnome 3 used in the Core version but appreciate a lot of distros now use this as standard so it must have quite a following. Zorin is also one of the easiest distros for average home users to setup and use. Most of what you need is already there and with some minor personal tweaking of themes for example you can quickly create your own custom desktop.
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