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After a long delay, a new MakuluLinux LinDoz release is pending last-minute finishing touches and is a week -- if not days -- away, according to developer Jacque Montague Raymer. The new upgrade is designed to make using Linux easier than ever. Recently, Raymer discussed the trials and tribulations he faced in maintaining and advancing his Linux line of distros. He revealed a process that no doubt is similar to what confronts many software developers who step into the crowded and financially challenging field of Linux operating system creation.

I will be curious to see if the screen reader works with the menu. As far as I know there is only one decent screen reader in the Linux world and that is Gnome's Orca, created by a visually impaired employee of Sun MicroSystems. Earlier iterations of Lindoz and the screen reader worked once applications launched but incompatible with the Cinnamon DE Menu. How is a blind user going to find the application they want? Only one I have found that works is Zorin 12 and 15, and Debian distros armed with the ancient AWN Panel and YAMA (Yet Another Menu Application) which I succeeded to do in LinDoz 12 (or was it 10)

MakuluLinux LinDoz has just been released, you can download it from the Makulu website :)

I have some considerable experience with Windows to Linux migrants and of those who stay with the latter the last thing they end up wanting is a system that looks like the former. Once anyone gets into Linux they appreciate the differences and aim to move as far away as possible from their past experiences. The other thing Makulu lacks is consistency with long drawn out gaps in development with next to no communication except a raft of excuses. The number of weekly downloads via SourceForge really says it all and this is just another bottom end distro sucking users away from more useful examples of the system.

While I really value everyone's opinion ( good and bad ) and I realize that not everyone will like Makulu, I fully understand it may not be to your liking. However I have to address the falseness of your claim, While we may not communicate often with the outside world it does not mean we do not work or consistently release. I myself work between 8 and 15 hours every day on Makulu, 7 days a week, no break and I have a day job as well, I live and breath makulu day in and day out and i get paid nothing for it, not one cent. We have also consistently released updated iso's to our distro's every year, IE last year Feb we released Lindoz, Now its Feb again and a new build is ready, this consistency we have kept year on year.

We would release sooner, but we are a small team and we dedicate a lot of time to testing and bug fixing and our releases aren't just standard DE's like most developers lean towards, We do a LOT of custom coding that requires a Lot of time to complete. We also have 10 releases scheduled this year ( it is a big reason why we have been so quiet, its been EXTREMELY hard work to make them ). Lastly, Just because we don't communicate a lot with the outside world, it does not mean we don't like talking, we have a chatroom that has members of the team and myself included online every day, you are always welcome to pop in and have a chat with us, we will gladly engage with you. I wish you luck with which ever distro you try, hopefully one of our distro's in the future will be to your liking. Good day :)
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