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Re: Neon: A Wannabe Linux Distro For KDE Lovers
Posted by: Jack M. Germain 2019-07-19 13:25:32
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KDE Neon is a bit of an oddball Linux thing. Linuxland has an impressive collection of oddball things. Neon looks and feels much like a Linux distribution, but its developers assert quite openly on their website that Neon is not a real Linux distro. It just installs and functions like one -- sort of. That can make deciding to use it a little confusing. Neon appears to be a Linux operating system. It boots your computer. It displays a full desktop environment. It runs *some* applications.

Re: Neon: A Wannabe Linux Distro For KDE Lovers
Posted by: breagerey 2020-01-03 09:37:15 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
*I* know this article is chock full of BS, I'm sure a lot of other people seeing this know that as well, but somebody who is new to linux and stumbles across it might not.

Neon is the main distro I use on my desktops these days.
I've spent the last 30 years working in admin/networking with the last 20 being almost exclusively based in linux.
My desktops over that time have varied but have mostly been some linux distro.
I've never run into any app restrictions in Neon that are really any different from any other Linux distro.
If it's got a package for it in the repos - great - if not compile it from source.
That might not be for everyone but it's the same with *any distro.
I specifically choose desktop distros based on their repos - and Neon uses the Ubuntu repos.
I've yet to find something I want in those repos that won't install on Neon.

It's a desktop *on* linux - that's it.
Neon isn't a 'psuedo' linux - it's LINUX.

I suppose you could call it a psuedo *distro as its base is Ubuntu.
If you want to call it psuedo linux you're really calling Ubuntu psuedo linux.

Measuring the 'linux-ness' of a distro by the gui and package manager is a terrible way to gauge a distro because linux is NOT the desktop.

Using that measure the vast majority of linux installs are "psuedo linux" - *especially* RHEL. (which you seem to think is "real" linux)
RHEL is a great server OS but there are *tons of restrictions on what versions of libs RH will install on specific RHEL releases - leading to way more things that you just can't install without jumping through hoops because of dependencies.
Anybody who has run RHEL in production is likely very familiar with this - and I see it *way* more there than I ever have on Neon.

The point?
You're painting a very disingenuous/misleading picture.

Neon isn't any less linux than RHEL, Raspbian, Arch, or any other distro.

Re: Neon: A Wannabe Linux Distro For KDE Lovers
Posted by: sig 2020-10-28 12:29:24 In reply to: breagerey
This article should be deleted, all the false statements in this article about Neon is just incredible. Did this guy even actually do a review of Neon?! I doubt it considering what he put in this article. Firstly it is based on Ubuntu LTS, Has Ubuntu Repos and can download and install anything in the Ubuntu repos. I've ever run into a problem installing a .deb file. This is my main desktop production machine. Stable (Ubuntu LTS) and can resort to any Ubuntu forum to resolve any issues.

If you really had reviewed KDE Neon and done actual research the best way you could have written this article is by basically explaining that it has all the features and repos as ubuntu. The way you should explain how the KDE Plasma Desktop is by this: That the KDE Plasma Desktop is basically a rolling release of Plasma. Neon users will always get the newest Plasma packages before other distros that feature KDE Plasma. Kubuntu does not get that or does any other Distribution that Features Plasma Desktop. You really need to delete this article. Piss Poor.

Re: Neon: A Wannabe Linux Distro For KDE Lovers
Posted by: Carney3 2019-09-04 08:34:16 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
What's interesting is that despite KDE Neon's clam to be a KDE-only distro, it includes Firefox instead of relying solely on Konqueror.

Re: Neon: A Wannabe Linux Distro For KDE Lovers
Posted by: username_murphy 2019-07-27 21:10:28 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
This article was a GAS! (kDE-neon, kDE-argon, kDE-Krypton, kDE-Xenon)
I love learning please correct any mistruths or falsehoods found in my following comments.

"Its *developers assert quite openly on their website that Neon is not a real Linux distro"
"KDE Neon is more of a specialty offering"

* What is a real "Linux Distro"?
Every "real" Linux Distro is a "free" near finished product demo.
A product Demo created by a non-enterprised community to protgenisis an economic ecosystem.
In this newly created OpenSource. ecosystem new skills and services could by sold by individuals in the community to the open market.
Adhereing to the agreed framework of the OpenSource Business model.
The most effective non-enterprised communities are "sponsored" by corporations.
The OpenSource Business model is polarity repulsive to Monopoly.(Very Important)

For example:(this is not a complete list obviously)
kDE-NEON > kDE e.v > BlueSystems > Microsoft and Nokia( Microsoft) and Samsung
gNome DE > GTK+ > Ultima.MIT >Ultima++ > Microsoft.

*kDE-NEON developers.
The creation story of kDE-NEON.
This I have read and am yet to learn otherwise:
kDE-NEON Developer, Jonathon Riddlle WAS the Project Leader of Kubuntu.
Kubuntu was bugpit of a distro. but commercial support was readily available. (http://www.emerge-open.com/?)

In October 2015, after a lengthy and public battle with the Ubuntu Community Council.
In actuality this was Canonical CEO - Mark Shuttleworth and Jonothon Riddle. JR was fired!/ or quit.

KDE-neon was born.
Originally kDE-NEON was directly DE versioning and packaging upstream from Kubuntu.
On the same Ubuntu.LTS Base.
However. KDE-Neon was outrageously stable. (WTF?) and ZERO bloat.
Economic Threat?
I believe that Jonathon Riddle changed the Ubuntu-Standard Linux landscape for the better.
By delivering an honest stable release. With Tesing, Unstable, and DevUnstable editions easily accessable.
Am I saying that Canonical pushed Ubuntu to present Unstable/ Testing Editions as LTS.
Feeding the Goose lead and expecting Gold Eggs in return.
Although to date Canonical have contributed how much? to the development of the Linux Kernel.

*"It runs *some* applications"
Are you saying its a naked install? or that it is incompatible?
kDE-Neon "runs" EVERYTHING! and to the apps fullest potential to be executed cleanly.

It also currently holds the crown for best performance.
Best performance in Graphics. Especially with nVidia proprietory.
Best performance of ANY DE when comparing Apples with Apples.
example: xubuntu-minimal v kde neon.
(It runs a 580m after intial install database build.)
Disable kDE-Plasmas 3 search engines and file indexes.
It crushes xfce when benched equally.

*Neon has three editions. no
1. kDE-neon UserLTS
2. kDE-neon UserLTS
3. kDE-neon Testing
4. kDE-neon Unstable
5. kDE-neon Dev.Unstable
6. kDE-neon KO.UserLTS
7. kDE-neon pinebook.non-free. remix
Source Downloads are also available.

*"Not so with KDE Neon. Neon runs only a specific category of KDE applications: the latest."
The Entire Stable kDE and applications suite can be installed in the neon-all package.

*Neon's developers assert that their "pseudo" distro does not support most other software. In fact, non-KDE packages most likely will not even install on Neon"
Who said this? Where is it written? Could you please provide a link.
This statement is a misunderstanding or high grade premium BS.

*"Neon has its own package archive -- but remember, unlike full Linux distributions, it comes only with KDE software."
A half truth? a misunderstanding?
Discover has Ubuntus main,universe,multiverse and security repositories.
The kDE repository is extensive, stable and near bleeding edge in user edition.

*"A major drawback, as I noted earlier, is that you get a minimal software system with KDE Neon"??? This isnt a drawback.Having to finish configing and installing what the installer failed todo and the (mean spirited) UbuntuBase is drawback.

Drawback is a feature that renders something less acceptable; a disadvantage or problem.
kDE-Neon lack of installed Apps is intelligence and respect for enduser choice.

Discover Software Centre, snap install-snap store, Flatpack, Appimage.
Its not hard.

*"Installing KDE Neon will simply replace Kubuntu once you venture beyond the live session"
Q. How will it simply replace Kubuntu?

In a move to resecure the commercial revenue stream from Kubuntu Support didnt Canonical change the versioning and package names of the Kubuntu Package repository while still comfortable exploiting the upstream development from the kDE/kDE-Neon?
Oh..it was a package conflict issue....

Re: Neon: A Wannabe Linux Distro For KDE Lovers
Posted by: oldhat 2019-07-19 15:23:49 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
Not entirely sure what version of NEON OS was reviewed here, but the stable release (User Edition) that I use as a daily OS has all the software available in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and seems to use the exact same repo's...

Re: Neon: A Wannabe Linux Distro For KDE Lovers
Posted by: MikeDee 2019-12-11 08:48:39 In reply to: oldhat
That's exactly correct and this review should be corrected. I would choose this distro over Kubuntu.

Re: Neon: A Wannabe Linux Distro For KDE Lovers
Posted by: MikeDee 2020-01-28 10:28:56 In reply to: MikeDee
I'm going to have to revise my statement. I was using the Testing edition. Last week, an update broke the system so it was unusable. Kde Neon has a small forum, but it provided no solution to the problem. I waited several days to see if an update corrected the problem. I over wrote my install with the user edition. It has the same Plasma version as my Arch install does. I see no advantage using Neon over Kubuntu, OpenSuse, Manjaro, etc. as you are not getting anything better and there is little to no technical support.

Re: Neon: A Wannabe Linux Distro For KDE Lovers
Posted by: jackmgerm 2019-07-19 16:47:44 In reply to: oldhat
I downloaded the 64-bt (Standard) User Edition released on July 11 directly fron the KDE Neon downoad page.

Re: Neon: A Wannabe Linux Distro For KDE Lovers
Posted by: blue_bullet 2019-07-19 14:00:00 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
Nice, fair review, Jack. I struggled between Kubuntu and KDE Neon when migrating from Linux Mint KDE 17.x/18.x and settled on Neon. I like that it is based on an LTS release and that it gets frequent updates from the KDE developers vs Kubuntu which uses a more recent (possibly) non LTS release but less frequent updates from KDE. I did have to install a number of software packages in the process, kept notes, and learned a good bit in the process. I view that as a positive. The nearly daily updates are painless. Thanks for the review.

Sad to see Linux Mint go but happy I found what has turned out to be a better alternative.
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