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Re: Elive Elevates Linux With Enlightenment
Posted by: Jack M. Germain 2019-05-10 23:02:02
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The Elive distro's integration of the Debian Linux base and the Enlightenment desktop is a powerful combination. Together, they offer a unique computing platform that is powerful and flexible. Elive is not like most Linux distributions. It does not have a team of workers supporting multiple desktop offerings cranking out frequent upgrades each year. It also does not have a thriving community. In fact, Elive is one of a few Linux distros that aggressively asks for donations in order to download the installation ISO file.

Re: Elive Elevates Linux With Enlightenment
Posted by: PrimeSuspect 2019-05-15 03:59:25 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
I object to supposedly Ďfreeí software being aggressively promoted for donations like Elementary and Elive. Yes life is hard for many people these days and we live in a monetized society but if you canít afford to give something away then drop it. The Linux world in any case is awash with beta status distros all being billed as the next best thing that only serve to drag down the appeal of the operating system in general. By example the king of the ego driven garbage being fed to users is Ultimate. Itís little wonder the Linux desktop user base never expands above 2% when so many potential Windows migrants become disillusioned with what they encounter and never get to experience something that actually works properly and lives up to expectations.

Re: Elive Elevates Linux With Enlightenment
Posted by: k4ever07 2019-05-25 10:37:29 In reply to: PrimeSuspect
Unfortunately, I have to agree with you. Linux is a great OS, but there are too many fly-by-night distros promoting themselves, or some of their users are promoting them, as the next big for "new" users. I think they are also manipulating Distrowatch's page hit system to make their distro seem more popular than it really is. They all seem to have their own desktop environment also, which is usually just a slightly unsupported tweak of GNOME. They claim their distros are "easier to use", but really they are just inflicting their narrow view of what "easy" is on their users. They are making switching to Linux confusing and harder, not easier. We as a community need to call these guys out and get them to quit. I would NEVER recommend an Enlightenment based distro to a new user. I would also never recommend a distro that limits what a new user can do with their system. New users need "training wheels", not unnecessary restrictions. I dislike Elementary, BTW.

Re: Elive Elevates Linux With Enlightenment
Posted by: PrimeSuspect 2019-05-25 11:11:27 In reply to: k4ever07
You are certainly right about DistroWatch. The ratings there are as manipulated as the movie equivalents on IMDb. Worse still many users, especially new users who are unaware about how Google works think DistroWatch is some sort of official Linux body. I quite liked Elementary but only the past versions where you could easily unlock the closed features and add Elementary Tweak and the Super Wingpanel although I never found Pantheon to be that stable. The fact no other distro uses this is probably why. No doubt there must be some community spins with this DE but these are likely to be as stable as a Sunday jelly.
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