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Re: In Search of Linux's Greatest Moment
Posted by: Katherine Noyes 2013-02-21 07:37:21
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There's no denying that Linux has had a lot of great moments since the turn of the millennium, and Linux Girl has done her best to highlight each and every one of them -- at least over the past six or so of those years. Recently, however, the question was the subject of a new poll that prompted vigorous debate. "September 23, 2008, when T-Mobile announced the very first Android powered phone, the G1," offered Linux Rants blogger Mike Stone.

Re: In Search of Linux's Greatest Moment
Posted by: stefanopog 2013-03-04 07:24:46 In reply to: Katherine Noyes
There is no denying about the success, the HUGE success of Linux as a server or appliance OS.
But, I am sorry, looking for the "greatest moment" as to Linux on the desktop seems to me still a far away dream.
I am not objecting the success stories reported here, of course. But I have still to see someone who is not a geek and who decides to take a Linux desktop instead of a Mac (supposing they are sold at the same price).
And the "core" of a Mac is so similar to the core of Linux.....

Posted by: kibert 2013-02-22 18:44:49 In reply to: Katherine Noyes
Robert Pogson gets the Grand Prize!
All the others are indeed great answers in their own right...but Robert nailed it, in my opinion("You are entitled to your own opinion, but not to your own facts"). The EeePCís two most important contributions to the globe--and the world responded with a roar of approval--was the first mass-produced Linux computer with all it needed for instant approval, e.g., worked right out of the box, rugged, bright screen, and an intuitive OS which anyone could use immediately; secondly, it forced Microsoft to REALLY show its rear end. I'm convinced (my opinion) that this negative attribute of the EeePC's introduction is a big part of Linux's acceptance. That, and the very good job and very hard work being done by some--such as Clement Lefebvre and Mint Linux--who not only care about their own community, but give a lot back to the entire Linux community.
Just one personís opinion(s).

Posted by: hairyfeet 2013-02-24 21:07:24 In reply to: kibert
Oh please! You DO know you are cheering a guy that is so whacked out he honestly has Voldemort syndrome, yes? look up his posts, or his blog, never in more than six bloody years has he EVER written Microsoft, MSFT, or even MS, its "The other OS" or "M$" like there is a MSFT ninja under his bed just waiting to force him to use Windows 8. The guy is nuttier than a fruitcake.

And as for the EEE PC? you mean that DEAD PRODUCT that was canceled more than 6 months ago and which quit selling a Linux variant 6 months after it was released, THAT EEE PC? The one that was selling a PROPRIETARY version of Linux in Xandros who FYI ended up going bankrupt and closing their doors in 2009?

On the netbooks we had Xandros (defunct) Linpus (defunct) and even those were canceled not 6 months after they were released because any retailer will tell you Linux distros are a mess, every update breaks more than it fixes and every release worse than the last.I have seen it with my own two peepers, we tried selling bog standard systems with ubuntu and had to stop because ubuntu fall down and go BOOM! on update.

Now you can blame it on the devs throwing out working code for slpha quality garbage (KDE 4 and gnomeShell anyone? Or how about Pulse which is still a crashy mess?) or blame the fact that the world won't embrace the crazy, whatever, but there is a REASON why 20 years of giving it away and Linux went nowhere, its because there are too many hassles for not enough reward.

Mark my words, Windows 8 is complete and total garbage but even with MSFT putting out such a piece of junk Linux will gain NO share. Now Google's proprietary versions called Android and ChromeOS might gain some share, but they are GPL V2 ONLY and compleetely controlled by Google who can lock them up at any time and several carriers already do, so if you count that as "freedom" you might as well just buy a MacBook.

But until the Linux devs care more about users than their own egos and itch scratching Linux will never gain squat, netbooks were practically built for Linux and they bombed, every FOSS tablet and phone has bombed, heck even Dell had to pay an entire team to keep their own fork of Ubuntu, at no small expense i might add, because you couldn't even use standard Ubuntu on machines built by Dell FOR Ubuntu, why? Well because the drivers break on update silly!

So if you want to break your arm patting yourself on the back for a flop product? Go right ahead. MSFT decides they want to be a "premium brand" like Apple and kills Windows on netbooks what happened? The last netbook rolled off the line 3 months ago. If your theory was correct they would have just switched back to Linux, they didn't did they? I rest my case.
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