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Re: This Wink Doesn't Come With a Smile
Posted by: Jack M. Germain 2013-02-06 20:33:44
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Wink, a software package for creating tutorial and presentation screen shots, works reasonably well when it works at all. However, getting it to run may not be worth the bother, given the better alternatives available. Wink's premise is a good one for anyone who needs to create a show-and-explain presentation on how to do things with a computer. Wink lets successful users capture screen shots of the actions they take on the desktop, wrap them into an animation, and export them as Flash, PDF or executable files for handy playback.

Re: This Wink Doesn't Come With a Smile
Posted by: Arnolds 2013-02-06 20:45:00 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
Your comment:
Tough to Install

Even on my Intel-based gear, my difficulties in trying out Wink were far from over. Wink for Linux is only available in tarball compressed format (tar.gz). Uncompressing the downloaded package is not an issue, but getting the resulting files to properly install most definitely was a big deal.

After decompressing, use a terminal window to change to the location of the uncompressed Wink files. Then enter ./install.sh and hope for the best.

Normally, open source software that is distributed within a distro's software center provides needed dependencies such as required libraries. Wink is not vetted for installation on any particular Linux distro, so you have to scour through error messages and find your own solutions. This is where Wink's developer fails to deliver.

Wink appears to be a relatively small operation. Thus, it lacks its own support forums. Users are left to search other user forums for help in resolving installation and configuration problems.

My comment:
Please do your homework before you publish !
I went to the repos, looked for Wink, clicked install, and 30 seconds later it was done.

I opened wink from the menu, another long 2 seconds, and it was ready to go

Thanks for the article anyway.
It's just your < Hard to...> part...... !

Re: This Wink Doesn't Come With a Smile
Posted by: Arnolds 2013-02-06 21:34:30 In reply to: Arnolds
Sorry, forgot to mention the Distro.
PCLinuxOS 2013-2
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