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Re: KVM: Linux Virtualization That's Halfway There
Posted by: Jack M. Germain 2013-01-30 07:07:34
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Are you looking for a reliable virtualization package to run multiple virtual machines that handle unmodified Linux or Windows images? Then look no further than your existing Linux configuration. It already has the underpinnings to support Kernel-based Virtual Machine. You need look no further than your distro's package repository to install KVM. This package is a full virtualization solution for Linux on x86 hardware. It includes virtualization extensions and a loadable kernel module, kvm.ko. This is the core virtualization infrastructure.

Re: KVM: Linux Virtualization That's Halfway There
Posted by: WonderWoofy 2013-02-10 15:49:32 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
I have to say that your failure (or discomfort/inability) of using the command line is no reason why this software should be only "halfway there".

KVM is very high quality virtualization that is exceptionally fast and stable, and can be used without complicated kernel patching like xen.

Though you apparently found this unacceptable, it functions pretty darn well from the command line, or can be used with a GUI front end (as you did). But as others have already mentioned, you were using an inferior front end. So I think in reality, you are rating this AQEMU rather than QEMU/KVM.

This article is very, very misleading. I am sorry you were challenged by this software... it sounds like you would be a perfect candidate for sticking with Virtualbox.

Re: KVM: Linux Virtualization That's Halfway There
Posted by: bmullan 2013-02-03 02:18:45 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
I agree with others... why wouldn't you use virt-manager to manage the virtual machines?? I'd not tried aqemu so I just installed it and the first thing that happened to me when I launched it was a seg-fault. So I uninstalled it.
If you want to use KVM, Virt-Manager has always worked for me.

$ sudo apt-get install virt-manager

Re: KVM: Linux Virtualization That's Halfway There
Posted by: PerfMonk 2013-02-01 21:39:50 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
Why not simply use "libvirt" with virt-manager ???

It a lot more mature, stable and complete.


Re: KVM: Linux Virtualization That's Halfway There
Posted by: kolinuxtech 2013-01-31 07:15:31 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
The title of this story is very misleading. KVM for doing personal desktop virtualization may be half way there but that's not what the title says. KVM for professional virtualization stacks up quite well next to VMware, XenServer, Hyper-V, or RHEV..for instance on Proxmox. The title should have made clear that virtualization using KVM on certain linux distributions isn't the best when desired for use at personal virtualization.
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