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Re: Words of Gratitude for the Bounty That Is FOSS
Posted by: Katherine Noyes 2012-11-19 17:37:00
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It's a general matter of course in any given year that as Thanksgiving draws ever closer, more than a few Linux bloggers begin to wax sentimental about their favorite operating system, often recounting all the many reasons they're thankful it exists. It is the start of the season of thankfulness, after all. Well, perhaps it's the recent presidential elections or -- even more so -- perhaps it's the fact that a sizable part of the country is preoccupied by a desire to divorce Uncle Sam. In any case, this year, the usual pattern doesn't seem to have happened.

Re: Words of Gratitude for the Bounty That Is FOSS
Posted by: XMarine 2012-11-19 18:11:32 In reply to: Katherine Noyes
I Am "thankful" for the Internet; I consider the Internet to be the best University of All; for anyone willing to study.
I hope that there are many "Geeks" reading this; as I think of a Geek with respect as they work on software, and as "Insiders" to the Linux development team.
I am posting this from the Outside viewpoint to the "Insiders".
Many inside people say that "Linux Has Arrived!"
I disagree. I compare Any version of Linux to a "Kit Car"...meaning, that without a lot of expert work, it will not get anywhere very quick, even tho Linux Is "Free."
Of the over 3,000 versions of Linux; I am not aware of even One [1] Version that is: Out-of- the-box to up-and-running including printer/scanner, that can compete with Windows or Mac, do you? [On being simple and easy to setup]
Therefore; I consider All Versions of Linux as "Unfinished". I am posting this from Mint10; I like what I can use; though not my new printer/scanner, as yet.
If Anyone Does know of a version of Linux that is AS "user friendly"as XP or Mac, Please let me know.. Thanks, GS
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