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Re: 'A Week with Windows 8' and Other Tales of Linuxy Virtue
Posted by: Katherine Noyes 2012-09-10 06:00:04
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"Windows 8 hasn't exactly got the best rep at the moment," wrote Ken Quirk, a committed Linux fan and Ubuntu user. "The general consensus amongst most IT professionals and users alike is that Windows 8 is a disaster waiting to happen. "A while back I wrote a review on Windows 8, but when writing a review they tend to be more based on first impressions rather than how a system actually grows on you," he added. "So, in the interest of fairness I have decided to give Windows 8 a fair crack of the whip."

Re: 'A Week with Windows 8' and Other Tales of Linuxy Virtue
Posted by: Mr.NT 2013-06-27 19:36:58 In reply to: Katherine Noyes
I can't agree that Win8 is bad. When compared to Windows7, Win8-Basic is much faster- power packed- smooth OS for those who is able to customize it properly.
My Win8 PC boots 10x faster than my earlier Win7 Pro and noticeably faster than ubuntu 12.10. Every updated programs work smoother than earlier.
The only error MicroSoft have done is they didn't describe their OS properly. They hide customization abilities of Win8. It's the error of their attitude.
Some of the faster linux distro's are better than any Windows OS, but I stick to Windows and paying for it just because of Multimedia abilities of Windows based programs and wide variety of freeware based on Windows OS especially when it comes to video editing , conversion and so on.
Linux can gain market from MS only if specialized projects on developing alternate- fully functional GUI software's are done. In India all Govt. web sites, some bank web sites and related programs are made only for those who use Windows Platform.
So, Lack of universal compatibility is the greatest dis-advantage of Linux.
[ Please note "Wine" is never the best, at-least Linux developers should inspire from Oracle's VirtualBox ]
"I salute the efforts of Linux and Salute the power of MS!"

Re: 'A Week with Windows 8' and Other Tales of Linuxy Virtue
Posted by: atomicxblue 2012-09-10 06:55:32 In reply to: Katherine Noyes
You're losing your touch Katherine. You didn't check the Slashdot discussion to see what hairyfeet said about this? You quote him in every article you do, so this seemed a bit out of place and incomplete.

Re: 'A Week with Windows 8' and Other Tales of Linuxy Virtue
Posted by: hairyfeet 2012-09-10 18:45:49 In reply to: atomicxblue
Ahhh...one of my followers, hi! If you want to hear from me all you have to do is ask.

Win 8 is another classic flop, ala Vista yes, but will it give Linux any share? Nope not a chance, why? simple. You can make Win 8 into Win 7 (which is now the most popular desktop bar none, passing XP over a year ago) with any number of free tools, Star8 and Classic shell just to name two.

In fact because of this Win 8 might turn out to be VERY popular, after all Win 7 pro costs $139 while Win 8 pro? $40. I know I'll be picking up a couple of copies on release for just that reason, I can hack the shell and have Win 7 pro for my next build for $40 which is dirt cheap.

But lets face it, anybody who is happy with the fiddly nature that is Linux ATM really isn't gonna be happy with Windows anything. You've had the DEs gutted, ALSA replaced for the mess that is Pulse, the wireless situation is frankly terrible and often gets horribly broken on update, in fact the only really nice thing is that maybe X server will finally be put to pasture in favor of Wayland.

So if you wanted to hear from me, only too happy to oblige. There just really wasn't anything for me to say about this subject, since even Linux fans aren't gonna be swayed by metro.

Oh and FYI I don't have anything against Linux, in fact i really wish the devs would quit ruining everything so that it could become a viable competitor. Sadly though all we have seen from Torvalds on up is everyone treating the internals like their own pet projects so even a simple update can hose the guts, not good.
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