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Re: Age of Abundance Requires Innovation
Posted by: Naseem Javed 2005-06-01 18:39:08
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Recently, we came out of the age of curiosity, entered the age of scarcity and are now sinking in the age of abundance. Everything is here. Today, all over the world, millions of identical companies are producing millions of identical products and services, and they are pushing identical prices on identical delivery platforms. On top of that, they have identical management and identical corporate behavior all the way from the boardrooms to the cubicles.

Re: Age of Abundance Requires Innovation
Posted by: MarkProffitt.com 2007-02-05 01:02:32 In reply to: Naseem Javed
You are absolutely correct about the way most large organizations mimic one another. Most large organizations are based around a scarcity mindset. Because of that mindset they try to restrict any change.
Abundance is when something becomes so easy to obtain the market begins acting like its free. The super productivity we have today is making more and more things essentially abundant, at least for portions of the world.
Innovation will drive this ever increasing abundance and that is great. As everything becomes less expensive in real terms, not just monetarily innovation will increase.
We are seeing the increasing innovation in information products because computers as affordable to just about anyone that wants one. And the Internet and sharing technologies make the virtual marketing possible for anyone, to everyone.
Big organizations are good at one thing. Brute force. That is great for doing very big tasks or making a lot of the same thing very cheaply. The business models that work for large organizations are based on force and large size. Individuals and small groups can use completely different methods.
The next step is mass customization. When the individual can design and manufacture products on an as needed basis innovation will be universal.
The big organizations will focus on making the the things that are essentially free and will apply their economies of scale. Innovation will occur at the individual level, as it always has but now with the added ability to disseminate to everyone instantly.
New business models based on sharing are needed. Ideas like the street performer protocol will allow artists and inventors to be paid and allow the world to share the ideas.
The other thing that is needed is widespread understanding of Predictive Innovation methods. This will cut the costs of innovation and increase the speed and accuracy of meeting the emerging demands.
Through my blog, appearances at seminars and on radio programs I've been working on promoting both of these but its sometimes an uphill battle since innovation runs counter to the natural sameness built into large organizations.
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