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Re: The Internet Dating Biz Gets Its Clicks
Posted by: ECT News 2001-04-19 17:47:26

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Despite years of success at the business of matchmaking,
real-world dating services are in a losing battle with the Web for a couple
of reasons. Well, actually three reasons. Wait, make that four or five or six reasons.

The bottom line is that offline dating services simply cannot compete with what's
being offered by their Internet-based competitors. Not only do online dating
businesses offer singles the comfort of looking for love while in their pajamas
at home, they also charge a lot less than their offline counterparts -- a whole
lost less.

Re: The Internet Dating Biz Gets Its Clicks
Posted by: Noelle 2001-05-29 14:58:38 In reply to: ECT News
I think a huge benefit of Internet dating services is the perceived privacy of the customer. Personally, I wouldn't go to a real-world dating service, but it's pretty neat that you can browse an online service and read other members' profiles before you sign up. I was actually very impressed by some of the listings I found and would join if I were actively searching for an S.O.

Re: The Internet Dating Biz Gets Its Clicks
Posted by: dot-com maven 2001-04-23 16:47:43 In reply to: ECT News
For all the fear about meeting psychos through Internet personal ads, there is a safety factor in Web personals not found in night clubs and grocery stores.

Re: The Internet Dating Biz Gets Its Clicks
Posted by: Michael C 2001-05-28 01:07:33 In reply to: dot-com maven
Dear News Factor. Sorry to say you do not know what you are talking about. Most online dating sites do not make money, even the big ones. Off line dating services turn over 10 times the money online services do. Many of these services also do not make money, but the ones that do make money really make money.

Re: The Internet Dating Biz Gets Its Clicks
Posted by: realist 2001-05-29 13:14:53 In reply to: Michael C
Sorry Michael C, you misunderstood this article. The point was not that Internet dating services were making more money than offline dating services. The point was that Internet dating services provide better service and a better product than offline dating services. As in -- told from the customer's point of view, not the company's. Get it?

The realist.

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