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Re: Disintegrating Nepali Monarchy a Threat to Outsourcing
Posted by: Anthony Mitchell 2004-08-24 22:10:35
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Recent events in Nepal could spill over into India and hurt technology and financial firms in the United States and UK. The United States finds itself in a dilemma, with the policies of the previous two U.S. administrations serving less to promote security or democracy in the region and more to incite Maoist rebels to attack U.S. interests in India. Most Fortune 500 firms have moved back-office and development work to India, some of it mission-critical.

Re: Disintegrating Nepali Monarchy a Threat to Outsourcing
Posted by: ISN 2004-08-31 18:15:45 In reply to: Anthony Mitchell
In response to comments on my article on the worsening situation in Nepal, the issue in that article was not whether India could protect itself. But a continuation of current policies by both the U.S. and India could give parts of India the appearance of Kashmir or the ULFA-influenced areas of the North East.
India’s protracted inability to deal effectively with Veerappan in the Nilgiris, the Naxtals in Andra, and the Ultras in the Northeast provides us with some indication of the limits to military solutions. From personal observations, it is safe to say that the first of those two ragtag outfits are operating in terrain that is easy to traverse and control compared to what India will encounter if it ventures into Nepal.
Shortly after my article was written urging a political solution to the crisis, the Maoists carried out a spectacular attack against a large Indian-owned enterprise in Nepal. These types of attacks will undoubtedly escalate as India flexes its muscles in the Nepali crisis.
A substantial portion of the Nepali populace does not disapprove of attacks against Indian assets. The Maoists have been effective at playing to that constituency. And India has helped them.
The goal here should not be to promote conflict, but to figure out how to reach your goals through non-military means.
The Nepali question will not go away. It will probably get worse for three years, until the Maoists work out some of their issues with their internal command, control, communication and intelligence (C3I) capabilities. Then it will blow up.
The situation in Nepal should not be a reason to stop sending outsourcing business to India. But in three to five years it could be. My firm has been and remains strongly committed to doing business in India. I would urge other IT firms to maintain a strong confidence in India as a good place to do business.
The IT sector in India and Pakistan played an admirable role in pulling both nations back from a nuclear standoff a few years back. Business interests now have a lot of stake in Nepal not becoming a military and humanitarian disaster.
Anthony Mitchell, CEO

Re: Disintegrating Nepali Monarchy a Threat to Outsourcing
Posted by: chinmayvarma 2004-08-31 04:25:53 In reply to: Anthony Mitchell
Hia Mate,
Since to be an idiot is no sin of yours, we may as well forgive you for the unparalleled rubbish that you write.
(The editorial standard are going all the way down in this world for sure, how else can you justify some one allowing this article to published? A ripe post to be outsourced, preferable to INDIA, I suppose, this editors job)
How you got your compass all wrong is beyond me, probably the thin Nepali air corrupted your O2 starved brain (if you have any, that is)
Now lets see the glaring mistakes in your rubbish, sorry article.
Recent events in Nepal could spill over into India and hurt technology and financial firms in the United States and UK.
Highly Unlikely. Please do at lest some research before you try your hand in writing articles, better stick with your stupid and brain dead articles about the impending doom in INDIA's Outsourcing doom. Since the time of unrest started in Nepal, in 1995, there has not been a single instance of nepali terrorist activity in INDIA. You may be surprised to know that NEPALI government have formally complained to INDIA for providing assistance to the rebels. There are a very good number of people in INDIA who are actively supporting the rebels. Without that there is no chance for a small rag tag army can fight on in land locked country like NEPAL. Thus it is materials from INDIA that keeps the kicking there, and they will never try to cut this golden route of money and materials. It will be foolish to think that they can fight against on two fronts. They will keep India happy, at lest they will not offend INDIA too much.
India's best infantry units consist of Gurkha mercenaries, who may not be effective if used against other Nepalis.
At-a-boy! You did it again! For your info, there is no infantry unit in Gurkah regiment. Please go through the defence department web site to understand the structure of Gurkha Regiment.
You should really be vacant upstairs to think that India will send Gurkha Regiment in the unlikely event of a fight. To make you understand how much you resemble an ass, Gurkha regiment is well, just one regiment. I am sure that your limited brain power will no comprehend that one regiment in INDIA army is like a drop in an Ocean. Just one plain, not so glamorous regiment, out of one million active defence personals. Out of One million soldiers.
"mobility and fire control to resist both the Indian army and the RNA."
God, if where you, I will get my head examined. You are getting more and laughable!
The U.S. "solution" ..."
Without doubt, You are a typical American, you know, the kind o guy who gets a jolt when some one tells him that US in not the centre of the world. This is the exact reason why some 20 men could take planes and crash in into building out there. You don't negotiate with terrorist mate, you kill the first chance he give you. Or he kill you. SO now you want the US to negotiate with terrorist. Highly unlikely, considering your brain dead cow boy president. You know, they guy how bought presidency from his brother?
The outsourcing facilities in the Delhi suburbs of Noida and Gurgaon are easily accessible by bus from Nepal.
Most of the Western states dont even need to be accessible by, Gutomalna and Latin terrorist cells now. No bookie will give you a good deal for chances for you blowing up and Delhi blowing up.
"Antagonizing Nepali Maoists to attack American interests in India is not the only risk from America's foreign policies in the region."
Well, that is too much to expect I suppose, from America. The foreign Policy, you know.
Last heard, it was decided by some one up there in Tel Aviv. I am willing to change by opinion on this, but foreign policy is the first thing that US outsourced, to ISRAEL. We poor Indians came far far later it seems.
And lets have look at the great michels Plan:
The Mitchell Plan
How can U.S. diplomacy protect U.S. business interests in South Asia? Here is the Mitchell plan for Nepal:
1. Visit the rebel headquarters in Eastern Nepal. Make friends with them.
Not a bad idea, considering that most of the Foreign Office guys have long term standing association with some of the worst regimes and dictators in world, like in Latin America.
2. Collect the Rana family from Katmandu and fly them to the U.S.
I dont think that RANA guys will be that keen on coming to place where people get Anthrax in mail. Plus considering the crime rates in US they may decide that NEPAL, with or without communist are a safer place.
3. Provide the Ranas a casino license to give them something to do. They already know about gambling.
Casino to RANA is good idea though, the only time you have utlised the gray matter. But got a problem there too, RANAs are rich, they can mostly buy most of the casinos in US with there spare pocket changes. But considering the restriction in US they are better to invest in Hong Kong, as they have done.
4. Provide humanitarian assistance to the new Nepali government and discourage Indian and Chinese interference.
And why should INDIA and china sit back just view the game? Though less in importance that the Afghanistan chess board, NEPAL is interesting for both INDIA and China.
Rather than India intervening in Nepal, New Delhi would be better served by instituting direct rule in Bihar and by no longer treating Nepal as a neo-colony or customs-generating opportunity. Both measures would remove two major causes of the rebels' success and reasons that the Maoists would have to start to cause trouble in areas of India with significant U.S. outsourcing interests.
Aha! treating Nepalis as neo-colony! I like the ring of it, but there again your shallowness shows, NEPAl is was and will always be India's colony. Its questionable what is INDIA though. For thousands of years, there culture , just like chines culture was created nourished and kept alive with the wisdom from the banks of Indus. India has colonised east Asia for 3 thousand years, with out ever sending a soldier to do it. Since these concepts are, I can imagine, well above you limited capabilities, I cant think of you knowing anything about civilizational histories.
How can anyone talk with a communist terrorist is beyond me, only some one who was dropped on the head as child can put forward a fish brain idea like that. I have come to the conclusion you where.
Better stick to what you usually do, that is the be the messiah for "india will crumble" brigade. Until you publishers outsource that job to, where else?, INDIA

Re: Disintegrating Nepali Monarchy a Threat to Outsourcing
Posted by: lazysnakes 2004-08-26 18:54:04 In reply to: Anthony Mitchell
Hi Anthony
First of all you are wrong at very first statement that Nepal has 'rana monarchy'. Nepal NEVER had RANA 'Monarch'. And as being a Nepali, I can see how poor analysis you have had about Nepal.
However I appreciate your concern about the US interest which sounds very valid. But while reading about Nepal, I was thinking is he talking about the same country I lived for 20 years??

Re: Disintegrating Nepali Monarchy a Threat to Outsourcing
Posted by: Apurva Mody 2004-08-25 18:51:19 In reply to: Anthony Mitchell
I think this author thinks India is incapable of protecting itself. He should try taking the bus ride from Nepal to Noida. The security is extra tight and there is no way anybody with any sort of weapon let alone a rebel army can reach Noida or New Delhi or Hyderabad. There is a limit to how much paranoia one should spread and the level to which one should stoop to to discourage other US based companies from outsourcing work to India.

Re: Disintegrating Nepali Monarchy a Threat to Outsourcing
Posted by: vishwas 2004-08-25 10:21:01 In reply to: Anthony Mitchell
Hey Anthony...You have got your facts all wrong. These are two different countries you are talking. New Delhi and Kathmandu are more than 500 miles apart, with a well protected border in between. India is a huge, strong democracy, which is least affected by the problems faced by its neighbours. If you are aware of recent history in the South Asian region, almost all the countries in these region are grappling with some internal turmoil or the other. India's neighbour on the western side Pakistan has been for years together been a breeding ground for islamic terrorists. India's other neighbour Afghanistan, is where most probably 'your' most wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden is hiding and it is from these safe heaven, is where he created havoc in your country. Our other neighbour China is where democracy is scuttled by the old hawks and the same is the case with our other neighbour Myanmar or what you must have read about in your geography books as 'Burma'. There is also always some or the trouble brewing in Bangladesh and Nepal for the last many many years But to say that this hurts or affects India....Sorry man..I dont buy your logic coz India has very very strong 'Shock Absorbers'. Though i do understand your strong feeling about the job loss in USA. But that problem is solvable but that does not mean that respected authors like you write and inculcate such illogical reasonings in the minds of the American people about India.
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