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Re: Study: Interactive TV Shopping Poised for Growth
Posted by: ECT News 2001-06-15 07:04:46
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Television will become an important vehicle for e-commerce transactions in the coming
years, according to a study released Thursday by Jupiter Media Metrix.

The research firm said that the majority of TV-driven buying will soon be transacted via
interactive television (iTV) shopping programs, with viewers using remote control devices,
instead of by telephone with viewers calling in to buy showcased items.

Re: Study: Interactive TV Shopping Poised for Growth
Posted by: FrankLeibold 2001-06-15 07:29:57 In reply to: ECT News
I believe Media Metrix missed the key driver in iTV sales - convenience. Ease of purchase is becoming an increasing global consumer trend. However, the real iTV question is: Will viewers interrupt their traditional TV viewing experience by 'mixing' interactive PC purchases? ABC's WWTBAM show had two million viewers play the game through EnhancedTV during its first two months. But, ABC/Disney has been sued by ACTV, Inc. for violating its iTV patents. The Intellectual Property [IP] area is a key in iTV with Gemstar [TV Guide] winning an IP suit and establishing precedent in this area.

More analysis can be found at URL:


Key leaders in iTV industry are AOL-Time Warner, Liberty Media [John Malone & Liberty Livewire], NewsCorp[Rupert Murdoch], Motorola, Scientific Atlantic, OpenTV, Liberate Technologies, Wink Technologies and ACTV [32% Liberty ownership].
NewCorp, Liberty and Microsoft are attemting to win the bidding-war for DirectTV [Hughes/GM] against satellie giant EchoStar. Murdoch dominates Asia [StarTV] and Europe [BigSky] in satellite distribution. The battle fot iTV 'eye-balls' is intensifying.


Frank B. Leibold, Ph.D.
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