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Re: New Strategies Emerging in Spyware Fight
Posted by: Jack M. Germain 2004-07-23 14:07:23
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If you use the latest antivirus packages and run a firewall, you don't have to worry about spyware intrusion, right? Wrong, say leading security experts. It is just this type of thinking that is allowing spyware intrusions to overtake computers in both the home and the workplace. Spyware is quickly becoming the second most troublesome computer malady after virus infections. Spyware can track Web surfing habits and send the results to purveyors of junk mail.

Re: New Strategies Emerging in Spyware Fight
Posted by: TheGort 2004-07-26 21:41:52 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
AdAware, Spybot, PestPatrol and other programs do a pretty good job at cleaning out these programs, but they are really only treating the symptoms and not the patient. Sure, I could tell you not to use Windows and go get a Mac or even a Linux PC that's becoming increasingly popular -- but there are less drastic steps that can help stop this problem at the source.
The solution: use Mozilla Firefox ( ) for your web browser, instead of Internet Explorer. Not only does it stop adware and spyware from being installed at the source (the web browser), it has a great number of other features like pop-up blocking, high performance, and a vast amount of extensions and themes available for those that want extra features in their lean and mean web browser.
My mother recently installed Mozilla Firefox, and she not only loves it but is recommending it to her friends! It's amazing to see someone realize that their computer is not suposed to be painful to use, not crash, hang, or spew advertisements at them uncontrollably.
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