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Beware of eBay's fraud way
Posted by: Whitewolf1970 2004-05-22 14:43:28
Anyone can be defraud by eBay member and even by eBay company as well. Because they claimed in their agreement that they CANNOT give us our money that we lost to their clients whose accounts were suspended and the cases are closed. They will wait for them to pay before they can reopen the accounts. BS, how can they be sure if the suspended clients want to get back? New ID, new address, new number, etc..Paypal cannot know, nor eBay. How's absurb. Many sellers and buyers are risking the auction on the web since eBay cannot guarantee that your money is safe. First they act like they will but inside the agreement, I doubt they WILL. Because I lost $94.95 for that video card by the client. I filed with the Paypal, but they email and regretted it. So Paypal is an accessory to clients because they won't help. Paypal have all the bank records and home informations so they suppose to help the buyers by filing with the PD in that state where the sellers live. They won't. They're protecting the criminals from nice ppl. So I filed with the Square Trade and I'm still waiting. But to eBay and Paypal, too late to them I printed out all the evidences since the eBay reconcile amount appeared on the second email. So eBay is a criminal as well. Meaning the client paid the eBay reconcile amount to the eBay therefore, eBay is an accessory to the crime of fraud. A lots of people should join in the complaint and file against eBay in the court to sue the eBay company to get our money backs. We cannot let eBay get away with it. My second receipt went as:
"Item Title : NEW ATI Radeon 256MB AGP Video card..
Item Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Marketplace: eBay
Item Price: $79.96
Number of Items: 1
Shipping and Handling: $0.00
Insurance: $0.00
Tax: $0.00
eBay Reconcile Amt: $14.99
Total Price: $94.95
Ship to: blah, blah, blah.......
Thanks again for your business!
the first email I receipt is from Paypal which is completely different. Paypal showed the shipping and handling price. I still consider eBay, Paypal, Andre, and the client all suspects in the internet fraud ring becuz the Paypal and the eBay WILL NOT HELP repeat WILL NOT HELP you. They keep the money to themselves because the gas prices gone up and they have to pay due amounts. Period and period.
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