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Re: An Unseen Peril of Outsourcing
Posted by papy006 on 2004-03-24 22:13:29
In reply to David Gumpert
Comming from the "cold" - the former est red block, I'm puzzled to see the same America who fought, not so long ago the russian industrial espionage, giving away tons of knowlege to the red China! What do you have in mind, people. How can you be so blind. It is one thing to outsource shoes or Christmas-decorations factories and another one to teach them how to make processors and software to run these processors. I'm afraid the consequences will be disastrous.
As for India and its army of coders my impression is they went a bit too fast. I use to work with Indian programmers for three years now. I'm not speaking Indian guys with American schools but the ones brought here by Wipro & Co for six months on tourist visas. Generally their IT knowledge is superficial and you need two to get the one's work done. However they are gaining experience and I fear the situation will reverse in the next years.
It is more and more difficult to find a real software professional in America. A lot of people brandish modern concepts as OO, Java, Corba, ... but when it comes to get the job done well and in time most of them are clueless. The IT industry is damaged and I wouldn't blame the outsourcing for that, or at least not yet. In my opinion the IT industry itself did the worst. The "soft-wars" are the main cause America is outsourcing today. All the trends we see today are over hype'ed. Only housing and making software are geting more and more expensive in this country. Houses, OK but software ? Why a OO project needs much more time and resources. After all, they told us it will be a lot faster and cheaper to do it under XP or in Java, ... Instead you need twice as much as ten years ago to get the same job done. So no mystery we outsource...

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Re: An Unseen Peril of Outsourcing  David Gumpert  2004-03-24 20:37:55
Re: An Unseen Peril of Outsourcing  papy006  2004-03-24 22:13:29
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