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Re: Report: Pops Up Past Amazon in Web Traffic
Posted by: ECT News 2001-06-13 14:43:42
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Electronics e-tailer leapfrogged over and eBay in the May rankings of
the Top 50 most visited Web sites, according to a report released Wednesday by Jupiter Media Metrix.

Driven by a "pop-up" and "pop-under" ad strategy that accounted for 95 percent of its
traffic, moved up in the rankings from No. 14 in April to No. 5 in May. Unique
visitors to the site increased by 87 percent, from 15.3 million to 28.6 million.

Re: Report: Pops Up Past Amazon in Web Traffic
Posted by: Paul 2001-06-14 13:58:08 In reply to: ECT News
I've never even heard of X10, while monthly I do hundreds of dollars worth of business with Amazon, who don't even use pop-up banners. That should tell you what browser clicks mean...

Re: Report: Pops Up Past Amazon in Web Traffic
Posted by: Mike 2001-06-13 16:48:21 In reply to: ECT News
This is a disturbing trend if people who spam get rewarded by free press coverage and rankings on "most popular" lists.

It's bad enough that I can't answer the phone anymore without having a telemarketer on the other end. Now we have companies like X-10 flashing their annoying banners in my face while I am online.

Re: Report: Pops Up Past Amazon in Web Traffic
Posted by: Rick 2001-06-13 14:50:52 In reply to: ECT News
Of course X10 jumped up in the numbers!! I don't know how many times that annoying pop-up of theirs has shown up on my computer, and I want nothing to do with X10!

I'm sorry, but there should be some kind of qualifier, like how long the site was displayed on someone's computer. This brand of marketing is nothing more than SPAM in browser form. Personally, this approach has convinced me NEVER to do business with X10!

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