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Re: Time for a High-Tech Union?
Posted by: Elizabeth Millard 2004-02-11 14:31:55
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When the Washington Alliance of Technology Workers opened its doors five years ago and started talking to high-tech professionals to gauge their interest in joining a union, many treated it as a joke. Now, with offshore outsourcing taking off and repercussions from years of layoffs hitting home, no one is laughing anymore. Although unions traditionally have been a tool of blue-collar workers, a movement toward organizing high-tech, white-collar employees is gathering steam.

Re: Time for a High-Tech Union?
Posted by: Jim Pflaum 2004-02-11 14:36:20 In reply to: Elizabeth Millard
Rather than forming a union, I think U.S. tech workers could better protect their jobs by forming a political action committee. Unions primarily function as wage bargaining agents and as grievance resolution agents for workers who work for a particular company. PACís, on the other hand, deal exclusively with legislative issues, and draw support for their causes from groups who endorse their particular legislative aims. Stopping the flow of IT jobs to India, Ireland and other low-wage countries wonít be easy, and it definitely wonít happen until U.S. tech workers pull together, form a PAC, and propose new legislation to stop the flow.

Re: Time for a High-Tech Union?
Posted by: speedoflight 2004-02-20 09:14:30 In reply to: Jim Pflaum
This is a good idea. The ban to outsource has to come from the top - from the legislators who can implement changes to the law to protect workers. Fact of the matter is, it is a very serious problem that is not fully addressed by any of the politicians. George Bush and his cronies are too far off in la-la land to even realize the problem. The Democrats are no better. It is time people really understand the bleeding of U.S. jobs and that jobs gone away will never return.
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