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Re: Web Gridlock Stalling UK E-Commerce
Posted by: Robert Jaques 2003-09-10 19:30:54
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Nine out of 10 online consumers in the United Kingdom have been forced to abandon an online shopping transaction because the e-commerce Web application failed, according to research by Web performance firm CatchFire Systems. In addition, more than half of the consumers interviewed said they had been forced to move to alternative channels, such as call centers and retail outlets, which substantially increased the cost per transaction.
Others either gave up completely or switched to competitors.

Re: Web Gridlock Stalling UK E-Commerce
Posted by: stuartjs 2003-09-15 09:03:40 In reply to: Robert Jaques
Yep, been there done that, last one happened this weekend when i thought i'd reserved cheap long-term parking at the airport and apparently hadn't when I got there - what are the odds on me using that particular service again?
The biggest issue for me is that poor websites are designed so that the only way you can find out the price of something is to go down the purchase path in the knowledge that you can abort when you've found out what you need. If offending websites were more upfront about prices rather than hiding them deep down, they may actually get more customers and more revenue and put less strain on their backend servers.
A similar thing happens when trying to buy theatre tickets online. Most systems just present you with the first tickets in their list, which if you're early in the booking process means getting seats at the end of the row rather than in the middle where you really want them. The trick you have to use is to open up several purchase windows until you get offered tickets where you really want them, all i'm sure adding to the load and complexity of the serving systems.
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