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Re: Will Security Matter More After Hackers Hit Home?
Posted by: Keith Regan 2003-09-03 18:07:25
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The hackers have gone too far. When they were defacing Web sites and launching denial-of-service attacks against eBay and the like, they were annoying, but the general public still gave them a grudging amount of respect. Now hacking has hit home -- literally -- as hundreds of thousands of home users have found themselves scurrying to fix their infected machines in the wake of the Blaster worm. Hackers have made it personal, and it's going to cost them. Just ask Jeffrey Lee Parson.

Re: Will Security Matter More After Hackers Hit Home?
Posted by: booga 2003-09-03 21:53:55 In reply to: Keith Regan
People using Apple didn't get hurt by the worm - nor did people running BSD or Linux. Perhaps you should place the blame where it is due - on the shoulders of Microsoft(R). They have created an operating system that can be brought down by a web page for heavens sakes. You, and the whole of our country are running a defective product and pointing the finger at the wrong place.
When firestone tires blew up and flipped cars did you blame the road for being hazardous - or the guy who dropped the trash on the street?

Re: Will Security Matter More After Hackers Hit Home?
Posted by: Keay 2003-09-03 18:54:14 In reply to: Keith Regan
Come on, Please! The article makes a good point about attacking home users is going too far but down multimillion-dollar companies is alright. But really how can you possible classify this guy as a "Hacker"? He ran a script on a virus that someone else's mind came up with. Please think about the terms that you are using, he is a "script kid" not a hacker at all. And even if you wanted to say that he is more than a "script kid" the term hacker doesn't fit, virus writer works, but hacker I think not.

Re: Will Security Matter More After Hackers Hit Home?
Posted by: Lcruisader 2003-09-05 11:27:28 In reply to: Keay
Who cares what he's called? The point is if you have malicious intent, wipe your tears and accept responsibility. Microsoft should be put on the spot for not being more proactive (like the open source community is when responding to vulnerabilities.) Make an example of this kid. However, is that really going to be effective? Look at the file sharing communities and the RIAA. Shut one company down then spawns a dozen more. Shoot one "script kid" spawns another. Nice living in a capitalist society, huh? Everyone makes money and somebody else loses, then new ridiculous laws are created. Woo hoo
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