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Re: P2P Goes Corporate
Posted by: Tiernan Ray 2003-06-27 15:58:22
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Peer-to-peer technology may have pulled off the greatest disappearing act of the post-dot-com era. Once heralded as the second coming of the Internet, lawsuits have obscured much of its promise. Nonetheless, the innovations unleashed by Napster are making modest headway in corporate networks. Sun Microsystems has launched a set of P2P tools, as has IBM. Will these technologies eventually change the way corporate computing works?

Just Groove mentioned? What about BadBlue and Magi?
Posted by: ame12 2003-06-27 16:04:52 In reply to: Tiernan Ray
This was a pretty good PR piece for only Groove, but ZDnet profiled a bunch of other biz P2P solutions a while back.
BadBlue is a more standardized Win32 web-serving/gnutella platform that can be extended with PHP, Perl, etc.
Magi is Apache-based, comes w/security features and peer searching capabilities.
Both are worth mentions here.

Re: Just Groove mentioned? What about BadBlue and Magi?
Posted by: nu2it 2003-09-22 12:44:35 In reply to: ame12
worthy mentions don't sell copy plus, the article could have been sponsored, don't hold your breath waiting for a reply ;-)
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