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Re: Madonna's Domain Name Crusade
Posted by: ECT News 2001-04-17 16:28:40

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Ask a thousand people on the street to tell you the first person they think of when they hear the name "Madonna," and you're likely to get a pretty overwhelming response in favor of the bump-and-grind pop singer. At least that's the claim of her publicist.

Re: Madonna's Domain Name Crusade
Posted by: walter 2001-10-10 16:56:32 In reply to: ECT News
Well, it semms that once again coattails are being ridden. Poor mo {figuratively speaking of course}. Even though mr parisi {is it?} did register the domain name before madonna got to it. Obviously mr parisi {is it?} is working the name as a result of m l c 's flabbergasting fame.
So come on mr parisi {is it?} up the name or some friggin loot, not that home girl needs it, or even that you should give it to her. But let's face it, if madonna weren't madonna, mr parisi {is it?} would have never dreamed of using the name.
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Re: Madonna's Domain Name Crusade
Posted by: Steve 2001-04-17 16:36:15 In reply to: ECT News
Sir, you must realize that being such a big star as Madonna is, the kind of thing pornography could do to her at this stage in her carreer. We all know that the gentlemen associated the site's content with Madonna's earlier reputation as a trashy 'hoodrat'. However, Madonna became the phenomenon that she is today by a combination of things, and without talent or ambition, or good business sense, she wouldn't have gone on this long. (You notice how I keep saying "Madonna" and not "Madonna the singer" retarded can you be?) Everyone refers to her as Madonna...not Madonna-the-singer. Go to or or sites are directed towards those artists. Its just common sense WAKE UP.

UN rules
Posted by: Matt 2001-08-24 10:45:33 In reply to: Steve
This case seems pretty cut and dry. It's really the matter of Madonna's fame that is clouding the matter. If the law set up by United Nations is that the name must be a registered trademark or copyrighted material for a company or person to lay claim to it, then Madonna has no right to this domain. The original author brings up a good point - could not be revoked, because of multiple meanings of the word. Obviously, Madonna can be used to refer to the Virgin Mary or Renaissance Art or Madonna University, and this was the case long before the artist Madonna came along. I'm sure many people will have emotional arguments against this - "Look at how famous Madonna is", "So many more people go to the site looking for Madonna the artist than art or religion", "The site should go to Madonna because she has done so much more for the entertainment industry than pornography ever can." However, the law clearly doesn't take any of this into consideration. If Madonna is such a keen businesswoman, perhaps she should use her skills of negotiation to clear this matter up.
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