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Re: Signs of an E-Commerce Comeback
Posted by: ECT News 2001-05-25 11:22:13
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Is e-commerce finally and unquestionably here to stay? With rejuvenated stocks,
high-profile strategic alliances, television advertisements, and an overall sense of
acceptance from consumers and the business community, the arrows point in that

By small steps and not the big, noisy leaps and bounds that marked its arrival,
e-commerce has quietly woven its way into the fabric of business and personal lives.

Re: Signs of an E-Commerce Comeback
Posted by: Austine O 2001-05-27 06:33:17 In reply to: ECT News
ya e-commerce has come to stay and it's good for everybody nbut what i think needs to be done is that we should be doing is to have a control measure for it .

Re: Signs of an E-Commerce Comeback
Posted by: Thomas Ho 2001-05-25 13:16:50 In reply to: ECT News
It may be too "early" to celebrate the resurgence of B2C e-commerce. In my earlier posting
related to Mr. Regan's "encore" I expressed my concern about a "chilling"
effect on B2C e-commerce as a result of the debacle. Already, I see this beginning
to emerge on the MSN Web Community in a thread titled "General comment: lost trust in online commerce"
which can be found at:

It'll be "interesting" to see where "we go from here" as my other post was titled?

Re: Signs of an E-Commerce Comeback
Posted by: Fleibold 2001-05-25 12:02:04 In reply to: ECT News
Keith Reagan is correct, eCommerce is here to stay. The following Ecommerce charateristics have profoundly changed the way business will be conducte-worldwide into the future:

0 Core Strategic Decisions Are Technology-Based
0 A Real-Time Competitive Responsiveness
0 "The Store Is Always Open"
0 A Technology-Based Customer Interface
0 The Customer Controls The Interface
0 Expansive And Detailed Knowledge Of Consumer Behavior
0 Network Economies
0 Emergent Metrics And Valuation Models

Therefore, the power has shifted to the buyers. First to market might be less important than site volume. The work day is now 24/7/352. The consumer has more global choices. The supplier has more knowledge of buyer behavior patterns. Small companies can now reach larger rival's global customers.
In summary, B2B and B2C eCommerce and the Internet have created a new business paradigm. And despite the recent demise of many "dot.coms" [less than 10% of all eCommerce] the future of eCommerce is bright as increased efficiencies in doing business globally will only increase as new technologies emerge. But, without question, the 'rules of the game' have changed and establishing a sustainable worldwide comparative advantage has taken on new dimensions.

Frank Leibold, Ph.D.
Professor Business Administration

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