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Re: Digital Entertainment Post-Napster
Posted by: David Kushner 2002-11-10 09:15:16
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These days, for the estimated 40 million Americans who trade songs over the Internet, music and vice go hand in hand. After all, much of this music is copyright protected. The recording industry did successfully shut down Napster for contributing to copyright infringement. But stifling the next generation of file-trading programs, such as Kazaa, Morpheus and LimeWire, has proven more difficult. What's at stake? Plenty, according to a recent report by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Re: Digital Entertainment Post-Napster
Posted by: cmancer 2002-11-10 09:21:42 In reply to: David Kushner
Excellent article, my key concern after reading this article though is also one of personal privacy and the potential for the Music Co's to be able to dynamically aggregate usage data from the new smart security codes that will be able to send data (PC/Wireless) based back to them - then re-packaging this data and selling it on to third parties or using it for an even more invasive view of consumers (even though on mass) I am interested in how they intend to manage these systems across legal borders via the web and whether they have a legal right to operate in this manner.
Thanks David you certainly made me think, does anyone else have any views on these issues?
Cheers Clinton.
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