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Re: Report: Motor Vehicle Agencies Race To Internet
Posted by: ECT News 2001-05-22 00:05:47
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Despite the failure, as detailed in the documentary "Startup.com,"
of govWorks.com to make paying parking tickets via the Net a dream
come true, real-world government agencies are working overtime
to make Internet services for motor vehicle registrations and
driver licenses a reality.

According to a report released Monday by Accenture, the
number of U.S. departments of motor vehicles (DMVs)
using the Net to offer services this year has nearly quadrupled from
last year. "The rhetoric regarding e-government is moving closer to
reality," Accenture managing partner Stephen Rohleder told the E-Commerce
Times. "You're seeing more states tackle these initiatives as the technology matures."

Re: Report: Motor Vehicle Agencies Race To Internet
Posted by: Pigeon 2001-05-22 12:50:45 In reply to: ECT News
Last fall, I went online ready and relatively willing to renew my vehicle registration (in California). Then I found out about the fee the DMV was charging just to use the online service.

Sometimes, a 34-cent stamp is still the best bargain.

Re: Report: Motor Vehicle Agencies Race To Internet
Posted by: Paul Gunton 2001-05-22 00:11:39 In reply to: ECT News
I must say that I liked using my state's online DMV service. I was able to order new personalized/log license plates online with few problems. I would strongly suggest people use their state's online DMV service (if available) if they don't have time to stand in line.
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