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Re: The Dark Side of eBay
Posted by: Elizabeth Millard 2002-06-28 08:21:30
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To say that eBay has a devoted following is like saying the Beatles were liked by some
teenage girls. While true, the statement does not reflect the full scope of fans'
zeal. But the adoration is not universal. Recurrent complaints of fraud, shoddy
bidding practices, and poor search engine capability and customer service have tarnished
eBay's sheen in the minds of some consumers. Forrester analyst Carrie Johnson told the
E-Commerce Times that eBay may have to put up with the grumbling if it wants to grow.

Re: The Dark Side of eBay
Posted by: dinskeep 2004-06-24 20:30:20 In reply to: Elizabeth Millard
You mention unhappy Ebayers meeting about Ebay problems. I am an unhappy Ebayer, and it is very hard to find a place to complain, even after following the complaint procedure. How is it possible to know how many people are having fraud problems due to Ebay auctions? How is this measured, and who does it? Thanks,
Diane Salem Oregon

Re: The Dark Side of eBay
Posted by: wendyb 2002-12-05 06:07:34 In reply to: Elizabeth Millard
I recently I felt the darkside of Ebay, I was suspended off their auction sites. In my case I was told I infringed copyright of Warners Inc. When I questioned this, I was given contradictory information to the extent that they said, they had no third party evidence to say that they had evidence against me. I noticed other sellers were selling the same items and when I got in touch with Ebay they said that there was insufficient evidence against them. So I entered a similar item, not the same item. To which they cancelled the two items after three days. Then the next day they cancelled the whole of my other items and I was suspended. I was given information for the suspension to be nullified. So I followed the instructions, sent documentation to them and then what, nothing that's what. Then, can you phone them, no, you can't. What company doesn't have a contact number (the mafia) I hear you say, and now they block my emails. So it begs the question why does Ebay employ these tactics against people? It seems they have some people employed there who are no better than the gestapo using bully boy tactics. You go along with them everything's hunky dory then, ask a question(s), you are sent to siberia. And the inmates here are growing by the day. How can an International company act in such a heavy-handed, dictatorial manner? Why no contact phone number? What have they got to hide? They get good press because mainly, it's the sellers giving people good products and service, and then Ebay makes a living on that fact. But if they keep on treating people like me in the way they do, well, hopefully the public will get tired of ebay and the answer to the question "I just love" Ebay will go away, and in its place "injustice" that's Ebay, ain't they the dying embers of the gestapo, here is to that day.

Re: The Dark Side of eBay
Posted by: antonio76 2002-06-28 16:06:24 In reply to: Elizabeth Millard
Very nice article, but with the recent scandals in wall st from enron, imclone, to worldcom, I would think a more appropriate topic would be the endless hype by EBAY management of its future earnings (5 years into the future? come on now) all the while insiders have been selling their shares massively in the past year. EBAY as a company supposedly earned around $125 million in the past year, yet in that same time meg whitman and her fellow insiders have dumped and profited more than that. isn't there something strange when a CEO makes more money from selling shares of her stock than what the business actually earns? and why is it that EBAY can supposedly predict earnings 5 years into the future, yet in every quarterly earnings report in the past 3 years, they have been able to beat the consensus expectations by at least a penny? is there no doubt that they are "managing" their earnings in order to boost their stock price?
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