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Re: Imagine a Web with No Links
Posted by: ECT News 2001-05-21 16:36:57
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The Web won't be much of a Web anymore
if governments and corporations are allowed to continue
on their destructive path, dictating when and
how people can insert links to other sites
when creating their own Internet content.

Forget about the unthinkable for now and contemplate
instead a Web with only the links are those that
either Uncle Sam endorses or Daddy Corporate wants you to see.
That's an Internet that will never reach its potential.

Re: Imagine a Web with No Links
Posted by: Farley 2001-05-22 12:26:50 In reply to: ECT News
I'm just not sure what this story has to do with e-commerce, and I agree with the comments about how long it takes this reporter to get to the point. I humbly admit I read this site when I'm at work, so I have to get through it kind of fast. Stories like this one don't really contribute much to people who work for e-commerce companies. The topic seems like kind of a stretch, like there wasn't much to write about today.

Re: Imagine a Web with No Links
Posted by: Clyde 2001-05-22 14:43:23 In reply to: Farley
Well, considering the column talks about the operating practices of bellwether online businesses like eBay and Yahoo, whose policies may be emulated in the future (if not the present), I'd say it has more than a little to do with e-commerce.

Seems to me the writer made her point in the first paragraph, backed it up, and then drew her conclusions. No shame in skipping ahead to the finish if your time is at a premium, but I wouldn't say that the article was a pointless ramble.

Re: Imagine a Web with No Links
Posted by: Jack Parker 2001-05-21 20:56:24 In reply to: ECT News
Looks like a great opportunity for somebody to to exercise the supply and demand thing. Somebody will create a site to do what these others won't let you do. The consumer has the last word. When people stop using these policed sites, then this will take care of itself.

Re: Imagine a Web with No Links
Posted by: TedDrew 2001-05-21 16:42:05 In reply to: ECT News
Gosh, this chatty commentator took an awful long time to say something she might have said in about two paragraphs, but even with that said--who ever said the Internet was going to be unmanaged, free and unfettered forever?
Certainly those of us who keep up with this stuff always realized that some limits, some controls and some government interference was going to happen sometime. Ebay is a private company...if it wants to limit something on its site it has that right. Yahoo is a private company. If it doesn't want people linking to something it considers offensive, it has that right. These are businesses...they're not grass roots organizations trying to change the world. They're trying to make a profit, maximize their exposure to their customers and stay afloat.

Re: Imagine a Web with No Links
Posted by: Jack 2001-05-21 23:32:35 In reply to: TedDrew
I agree. The article would have been stronger if the writer had cut down on the wandering.

Nothing remains free, especially not something that can drive $$$ to so many people.

Re: Imagine a Web with No Links
Posted by: juan 2001-05-23 13:09:43 In reply to: Jack
In the U.S., government has the right to regulate business, even to extinction. Those parts of the web that are commerce oriented are regulatable by government, as are criminal activities. Having said all of that, freedom is the absence of legislation, and my perception is that what we are all concerned about is the loss of freedom. If the links are not there because of removal by government or business entities, we have lost our freedom of choice and have entered the slippery world of censorship. I, for one, want to keep my right to choose what I do on the web, without a nanny government or business restricting my activities. If I break a law, then they can come after me. If I don't break a law, or otherwise hurt/injure someone, leave me alone to conduct my own unrestricted and private business.
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