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Re: Instant Messaging: The Next E-Commerce Channel
Posted by: Lou Hirsh 2002-04-26 09:38:21
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Instant messaging (IM) can help e-commerce sites capture potential sales, but cost,
service and technological hurdles must be cleared before IM can have a major impact,
according to analysts. "Web sites have horrible problems with shopping cart abandonment
rates. Having instant messaging, in many instances, could have saved that sale," Gartner
research director Rob Batchelder told the E-Commerce Times. "It's spontaneous, and it
fits right into the flow of the transaction."

Posted by: nopass 2002-05-03 11:06:48 In reply to: Lou Hirsh
There has been no concrete info on mean/methods/programs used or frequency of transmission method remote neuro monitoring electronic brain link.
This type of communication allows those who hide behind such to get away with criminal conduct.

Re: Instant Messaging: The Next E-Commerce Channel
Posted by: jchawla 2002-04-30 03:33:57 In reply to: Lou Hirsh
There is a diffence between IM and chat. IMs like Yahoo, MSN, etc. are not suitable for reducing shopping cart abandonment as:
1)To use IM, customer has to add company to the buddy list. Very few customers of retail site would add company to their buddy list as the relationship with retail site is not high value from customer's perspective.
2) Even if customer has company in buddy list, IM doesn't have the tools to co-browse. Hence, the ability of agent to help customer will be limited.
The ideal technology for reducing shopping cart abandonment is chat+proxy based co-browsing, which can be simply invoked by clicking on 'Live Help' button on the web-site. See more details here:

Re: Instant Messaging: The Next E-Commerce Channel
Posted by: swood1222 2002-04-26 09:46:38 In reply to: Lou Hirsh
I am surprised this article does not mention FaceTime Communications, since its technology is relevant to the subject matter; moreover, one of the linked stories below this piece takes the reader to a story about FaceTime, which has implemented live IM enhancements to call centers at some high profile sites.
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