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Re: Bye-Bye, Yahoo!?
Posted by: Mark W. Vigoroso 2002-04-12 08:43:43
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I shudder to think of a world without Yahoo. But the company's recent spate of new
revenue-generating tactics reeks of desperation. I find myself entertaining the previously
unthinkable notion that the grandfather of the Internet is mortal and could pass away.
I do not blame Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel for hunting for new revenue wellsprings. But does
he have to be so abrupt and underhanded about it?

Re: Bye-Bye, Yahoo!?
Posted by: tatn2000 2002-04-12 22:18:16 In reply to: Mark W. Vigoroso
I must be overly optimistic, but I think Yahoo's e-mail application is better than all the other
ones out there. I particularly enjoyed Yahoo's Olympics coverage, which was better than
their official site(s) that frequently froze or was no more informative than Yahoo and online news
sources. Invariably there are other news dedicated sites, but for quick summaries and other
options, Yahoo has better offerings, at least from university students' perspectives.
I for one hope that Yahoo's downturn is temporary as the company retools its operating
strategies and increases its partnerships to generate new means for revenues.

Re: Bye-Bye, Yahoo!?
Posted by: kathleen.mccahill 2002-04-12 17:08:56 In reply to: Mark W. Vigoroso
Yahoo isn't dead yet, but there are a few things that the company can do to prevent total defection. Work on creating an Intelligent Search Engine - right now we have a free-for-all, type in a word and get a zillion hits that have nowhere near what you are looking for.
Update the News Info - sometimes i migrate to CNN for the latest and greatest. one thing we can always count on is that the weekends at Yahoo are dead, i assume no one is working the content.
While the Yahoo magazine irked me for having the 10 best sites of blah blah, it might work on the net, if a corner is created that provides a weekly best of content site list (not just a popularity contest where the interface leaves you wanting to slug the monitor).
Of course Yahoo can try something really down and dirty, do a McDonald's and offer a million bucks for a certain time period. Everyone is hungry and it would be interesting to see how hungry Yahoo is.
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