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Re: The New War on Cybercrime
Posted by: Paul A. Greenberg 2002-01-17 02:19:30
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The U.S. government has been quietly taking some giant steps forward over the past
few weeks in the fight against cybercrime. Privately owned online businesses and
individual consumers should ultimately reap the rewards of the government's stepped up
war on cybercrime. But just how serious are the feds in tracking and
punishing those who perpetrate crimes online?

Re: The New War on Cybercrime
Posted by: johne37179 2002-01-21 10:53:43 In reply to: Paul A. Greenberg
By now we are all familiar with the incident at the Atlanta Hartsfield airport where a single individual brought the airport to a halt and disrupted commercial aviation across the country. The cost of the incident is in the millions and so is the expenditure on security measures at the country’s busiest airport.

All of the designed security system's hardware, software and people functioned pretty much as designed, yet the system was breached with impunity by a single individual who broke the simple rule of only go up on the up escalator!

There is a major lesson to be learned from this incident for all of us who design and use security systems, be they for physical security, such as at Hartsfield, or cyber security within the digital environment. That lesson is that we all have rules similar to the up the up escalator rule at some critical point in every system.

Rules are only for those willing to obey them. Bad guys, by definition, are rule breakers

Re: The New War on Cybercrime
Posted by: Bret Durrett 2002-01-17 02:22:28 In reply to: Paul A. Greenberg
This is going to be a difficult task. It has already been shown that the laws of one country are not applicable to the Netizens outside the borders of that country when the US Courts stated that Yahoo US did not have to comply with a French Court ruling to make Nazi-era memorabilia which was for sale on the Yahoo Auction sites "unreachable" for French users, thus effectively overturning the ruling. Now the US is going to try to enforce ITS rules on the global community....

VERY difficult task....

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