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Re: Tell A Friend: Viral Marketing Packs Clout Online
Posted by: Lou Hirsh 2001-10-31 11:54:18
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It's one of the oldest forms of communication, but word-of-mouth remains a potent
marketing force in the digital age. E-commerce experts say that pass-it-along marketing --
also known as viral marketing -- is a highly effective way to create online buzz for new
products and services. Analysts told the E-Commerce Times that businesses are using a
number of viral methods to generate positive communication about their wares.

Re: Tell A Friend: Viral Marketing Packs Clout Online
Posted by: Steve Zap 2001-12-01 22:16:17 In reply to: Lou Hirsh
ReferralBlast.com offers a fantastic Tell-a-Friend add-on (for any Web site) that is great for Webmasters, Web site owners and marketing professionals who don't have the time to fool around with scripts or programs. It takes a few minutes to add-on and does a great job at increasing targeted traffic!

Re: Tell A Friend: Viral Marketing Packs Clout Online
Posted by: Bruno Chatelin 2001-11-21 17:19:25 In reply to: Lou Hirsh
Film industry is one of the oldest accustomed to living by the rule of word of mouth.
Or Viral marketing as we can call it now.
I am not sure all of my fellow dot come and gone have understood totally what it takes to entertain the customer that wants to buy film entertainment.
I would not claim to be sole bearer of a solid truth, at least as solid as the odd statements like "b2c is dead", "don't invest in content" etc...
I only regret that a few of us have made too much noisy, costly experiences with wrong timing.
In fact entertainment in the old economy, working for majors, taught me a few marketing rules that I wish I saw more around the web.
Rules?: No rules: it is artisan craftmanship work.
Move: go for instinct first, rationale second
It is about desire, about impatience, about fulfilling (surpassing) what you have promised, about whisperings in one single ear.

Put the right words in the right mouths! ouchhh
And listen to the buzz spreading your viral positionning statement to niche audiences!

Now, instinct and anticipation about the film buyer tastes is something you develop in the area of around 3000 marketing cases: what launch strategy had what box office results, short medium long term (i.e. various media...)
I know it takes a few years I went there :)
Adapt the message to the medium not the contrary.

Re: Tell A Friend: Viral Marketing Packs Clout Online
Posted by: Harvey Hess 2001-11-01 18:09:58 In reply to: Lou Hirsh
A couple of additional comments about the *wonders* of Viral Marketing:

1. If done correctly, it is the way of the future for companies in *getting their message* across without the cost of traditional advertising. So the more Companies become *enlightened*, the more important the *uniqueness* of the offer becomes.

2. Seth Godin, author of *Unleashing the Idea Virus* has already proven the *strength* of viral marketing, now having the most downloadable e-book in history which now also sells in hardback & paperback---thus continuing the *wildfire* spread approach.

I have no doubt that customer-to-customer, friend-to-friend, relative-to-relative through the daily ease of technology will *ignite* Networking to levels never thought possible years ago (See Wave 4 by Richard Poe).

It is for that reason that after a long career in Corporate America, I am now successfully *viralling* around the globe with a new, dynamic Company with a *First of a Kind* unique business model, all without the cost that would have been needed just a few short years ago. I Love it!

Harvey Hess

Viral Marketing with online payment
Posted by: Vicente 2001-10-31 15:32:07 In reply to: Lou Hirsh
What if in every and each email message sellers insert a direct link/button "buy now /get it now" with no integration payment gateways at all?
Say, a procedure for cc payments and m-payments directly, secure, and by using their own variable names. No software hassles at all, connecting to your payment processor. Would be a helper tool for email marketing?

If the answer is YES, I have built it by using Macromedia ColdFusion Technology.
The mechanism and procedures are patent pending since Aug/2001.
There is a 'BUT ...'. I'm an independent developer living out of the USA, where this kind of innovation is the path to a sure crash.
To spread the use of the system, partner companies are needed, and ... very welcomed.
Best regards. Vicente

Re: Viral Marketing with online payment
Posted by: Dean Smith 2001-11-01 17:52:33 In reply to: Vicente
I develop entertaining content for telephone users and I am looking at ways of billing via the web and email. Please forward to me any developments in this also.

Thank you.

Dean Smith
VM Media Ltd (NZ)
http://www.gozap1.com -It's Fun For Your Phone!

Re: Viral Marketing with online payment
Posted by: Allan Samara 2001-10-31 21:54:23 In reply to: Vicente

For the past two years I have worked for two email marketing companies and I currently have
a customer who asked us to provide a similar functionality. We were intent on building a microsite interface for them after selling them on the idea as developed by our provider Cybuy.

Cybuy went out of business in July and our customer is still waiting for my old company to develop an alternative.

I am now independently working as a value added reseller and I'm interested in a "buy it now" button that will connect to the ecommerce server and will automatically initiate cc authorization.

Please provide me with more details about your software solution including 1. Stability of the cold fusion programming. 2. Security issues. 3. what is the major advantage to the customer(the etailer) over anything else out there already.


Allan Samara

Re: Tell A Friend: Viral Marketing Packs Clout Online
Posted by: Chad 2001-10-31 11:56:00 In reply to: Lou Hirsh
Users don't even need to click on "send this to a friend," they could download "e-mail this" on their desktop and send someone anything they want.
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