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Re: E-tailers Realize Money Can't Buy Loyalty
Posted by: Lori Enos 2001-10-19 17:49:59
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In the glory days of e-tailing, many Internet pure plays spent lavishly on
customer acquisition and loyalty programs, but corporate naivete and
consumer greed proved a crippling combination for those online businesses.
As a result, e-tailers were forced to rethink their promotion strategies,
especially when it came to discounts, giveaways and freebies,
analysts told the E-Commerce Times.

Re: E-tailers Realize Money Can't Buy Loyalty
Posted by: Kerri 2001-10-22 02:45:36 In reply to: Lori Enos
Companies, in their haste to offer deals, fail to address such issues as distance. I am really beginning to believe that many companies simply don't understand the global capacity of the Internet and it is evident in their customer approach and some sort of misguided belief that their customers are all going to be based in the company's country.

Those of us that don't live in the US have waited a long time for some companies to begin international shipping, but now we have to wait for those companies to understand that not all their customers live within the same geographical borders.

Recently, a Canadian online bookstore, that I have bought from before, sent me an offer of free shipping. Nowhere in the email did it mention distance restrictions, so I placed my order for over $200 worth of books and discovered, by trial and error, at the end of the ordering process that their shipping offer was only valid for Canadian addresses. That company lost my order and they also lost my respect as a company with a clear understanding of the global reach of their site, and therefore their services.

Re: E-tailers Realize Money Can't Buy Loyalty
Posted by: dan 2001-11-02 12:49:14 In reply to: Kerri
If you ordered $200 in product from a company knowing that they weren't in the same country as you and you still expected free shipping, it's not the comapny's fault that you were let down. It's your own fault. The old adage holds true: Customers are inherently stupid and expect the royal treatment even when they are getting a bargain.

Re: E-tailers Realize Money Can't Buy Loyalty
Posted by: Ann Monitor 2001-10-19 17:55:51 In reply to: Lori Enos
Good article ... however, I've had it with all the Webvan press attention. How 'bout taking a look at a real good news company -
I'm a longtime regular customer, and even when their data processing center got knocked out via 9/11, they were back and better than ever in a couple of days. This is one fine company! Let's hear it for some good news instead of constantly rehashing ancient history.
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