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Re: Motorola's Razr Gamble
Posted by: Jeff Kagan 2019-10-12 07:20:29
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When word came out that Motorola was rereleasing its hit Razr smartphone, I was excited. Now that it has been delayed until the end of the year, the sizzle seems to be lessening a bit. Razr was hot more than a decade ago, but then it quickly faded away when the iPhone and Android stole the show. Motorola wants to give the Razr another shot at stardom, so, the big questions is this: Will it be a long-term hit, or will it shine like a shooting star and then vanish? The Razr's return sounds like a romantic comeback story.

Re: Motorola's Razr Gamble
Posted by: Wormwood 2019-10-12 08:13:22 In reply to: Jeff Kagan
Make no mistake about this offering: THIS IS NOT A MOTOROLA PHONE. This is a Lenovo phone, pure and simple, with only greed as the motivation behind its offering.
This is a case of what I, as a (up until now) confirmed believer in the sanity and rational design of Lenovo product (vis-a-vis their excellent laptops) thought impossible by Lenovo: MASSIVE STUPIDITY. Second thoughts are now SERIOUSLY due anything labeled "Lenovo". The fact that Lenovo is hiding behind the now-totally-meaningless name of "MOTOROLA" speaks absolute volumes about how LENOVO, itself, views this impending disaster. So this is not such a block-buster of a new smart-phone that it can't be called the "newest, greatest, most amazing SmartPhone ever, and from Lenovo, no less"?
Lenovo has now just killed off anything and everything which USED to remain of the highly-valuable--and highly-valued-- "Motorola" marque.

The sadder part of all this is what Lenovo has done to their name, and to their reputation.

"I'm not upset that you lied to me. I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you".--Friedrich Nietzsche
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