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Technology by its nature changes the market. The introduction of efficient solutions spurred by technology to meet consumer demand creates new positive effects across an economy. Plenty of industries -- entertainment, transportation, the press and retail, for example -- have experienced changes in business models, delivery methods and competitors, due to the development and deployment of new technologies. Of course, technology also creates entirely new markets. The modern payments industry was shaped by critical innovations.

Re: Blending Offline and Online Commerce With Advanced Payments Tech
Posted by: Larry Todd 2019-03-04 11:27:47 In reply to: Amy Zirkle
With customers maintaining digital footprints all the way through to the purchase of a product, marketers have far more visibility into the complete customer journey. This means full visibility into the various marketing programs that played a role in the path to purchase. With customers having to go on location to a B&M location, the connection of complete customer journeys becomes a bit more tricky. However, with an attribution solution such as LeadsRX (leadsrx.com), marketers have the ability incorporate offline purchase data and attribute that success back to online programs.
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