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Re: Does Little iPhone Mean Apple Is Growing Up?
Posted by: Jeff Kagan 2016-03-17 14:03:58
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Every few months, fans gather with excitement to see what Apple will introduce next -- so what can we expect to see from Apple on March 21? I think the most important thing will be fixing a mistake the company made two years ago. Apple will reintroduce a 4-inch iPhone. As smartphone sales slow, even Apple needs to cozy up to users. Slapping them in the face and ignoring their needs was not a good sales tactic. Apple typically does a good job of giving customers what they want, but occasionally it has diverged from that path.

Re: Does Little iPhone Mean Apple Is Growing Up?
Posted by: jescott418 2016-03-24 05:25:54 In reply to: Jeff Kagan
Apple is really stretching these events into being rather boring and not up to what they once were. Now were getting reconstituted old models with refreshed hardware and a new model name? We need to have a event for that? I think its clear now that Steve Jobs was the only one at Apple with vision for expansion of Apple products. Other than the Watch everything since Jobs passing has been reconstituted products. Tim Cook certainly has no vision other than keeping things in the black. Jony Ives is purely a obsessive design freak about thin and no ports. Hardware and functionality have been severely muted and Samsung is killing the iPhone on innovation. The iPhone SE was purely done to try and keep some buyers from going over to Android and also to offer a iPhone that works in the pre paid plan market.

Re: Does Little iPhone Mean Apple Is Growing Up?
Posted by: MitchH 2016-03-22 10:16:03 In reply to: Jeff Kagan
"Slapping them in the face and ignoring their needs"? To state that Apple ignored users of 4" phones is simply incorrect, as Apple never stopped offering a 4" phone. Sure, you can point out that they did not produce a NEW 4" phone until now, but given the statistic (google it) that many people do not upgrade their phones for two years or more, and given the fact that, as the article points out, the "smartphone wave" has matured (making the previous 4" model a perfectly capable device--which it still is), there simply was not a compelling reason for Apple to come out with a new 4" phone until now. And you can't ignore the fact that many people wanted a LARGER phone, to which Apple obviously responded. Maybe Apple doesn't always make the best decision, but in this case, they absolutely knew what they were doing.
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