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Re: The Feds' Slow March to the Cloud
Posted by: John K. Higgins 2015-07-09 05:39:08
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Where is the U.S. government going with the cloud? With annual federal spending on the technology now well over $2 billion, it appears that cabinet departments and a host of other federal agencies "get it" in terms of appreciating cloud benefits. Yet many vendors and others in the information technology community view the same spending pattern as evidence that the pace of cloud development at the federal level is far too slow, and that agencies are resisting innovation that would greatly benefit their operations and their services to the public.

Re: The Feds' Slow March to the Cloud
Posted by: UlfMattsson 2015-07-09 05:45:40 In reply to: John K. Higgins
I can understand that “Concerns over data security are a significant contributor to the fence-sitter mentality.” Gartner recently released the report “Simplify Operations and Compliance in the Cloud by Protecting Sensitive Data” that highlighted key challenges as “cloud increases the risks of noncompliance through unapproved access and data breach.”

The report recommended CIOs and CISOs to address data residency and compliance issues by “applying encryption or tokenization,” and to also “understand when data appears in clear text, where keys are made available and stored, and who has access to the keys.”

Another recent Gartner report addressed these issues and concluded that “Cloud Data Protection Gateways” provides a “High Benefit Rating” and “offer a way to secure sensitive enterprise data and files stored in SaaS applications”.

This can provide additional flexibility for handling sensitive data in public cloud environments.

Ulf Mattsson, CTO Protegrity
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