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Re: Will Data Localization Kill the Internet?
Posted by: Peter S. Vogel 2014-02-10 12:26:54
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In the wake of revelations that the U.S. and UK governments regularly monitor private communications, a number of countries are considering a new type of law called "data localization." In the simplest of terms, data localization laws would require that businesses that operate on the Internet -- including ISPs, companies with data operations, and cloud services that control and maintain digital data for business and individuals -- store that data within the country where the businesses are located.

Re: Will Data Localization Kill the Internet?
Posted by: famullar 2014-02-10 13:10:44 In reply to: Peter S. Vogel
What is becoming clearer all the time is how inflexible the EU is, but more so the elite that run it. They have their own way of determining the path of the EU and reject anything that gets in the way of their vision.
Instead of responding to problems with the design concepts of the EU, the elite fall back on what is in effect an unchanging barrier to being more effective. They refuse to adjust their vision - "Problem," they say, "What problem?"
The EC was never fit to be the EU executive.
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What was your initial reaction to news of the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack?
It demonstrates that all critical infrastructure sectors are at high risk of disruption by cybercriminals.
Everyone will be paying for this attack in the form of higher energy costs.
Governments need to work more closely with private industries to protect networks for the sake of public safety.
It's a global problem. An international alliance must be formed to hold the perpetrators accountable and prevent future attacks.