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Re: Is Bitcoin Bubbling Over?
Posted by yehudisabbagh on 2013-12-12 13:40:22
In reply to Richard Adhikari
The problem with Bitcoins is that its value is not backed by anything tangible, and it is not true what you say that the US Dollar is the same.

The US Dollar is backed ant its value comes from the productiveness of the US economy. You can see that when the economy is down the dollar is weak and vice-versa.

Bitcoins are just backed by the fact that there is a limited quantity and that the software that lets them operate is safe. No real value behind.

Diamonds and Gold are also worth based on their limited quantity and demand. But they are diffent in the sense that they comply with the phisical law that matter cant be created nor destroyed while Bitcoins a good hacker can eventually disrupt the whole balance of things.

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Re: Is Bitcoin Bubbling Over?  Richard Adhikari  2013-12-12 12:53:39
Re: Is Bitcoin Bubbling Over?  yehudisabbagh  2013-12-12 13:40:22
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