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Re: BlackBerry Casts Off Wobbly RIM
Posted by: Peter Suciu 2013-02-04 13:50:14
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Goodbye, Research In Motion -- BlackBerry came out of the smartphone hinterlands on Wednesday with a new name to go with a revamped OS and two new devices. The company formerly known as "Research In Motion" made its rebranding official during several global launch events. "RIM becomes BlackBerry," CEO Thorsten Heins told a New York City audience. "It is one brand, one promise." Though aiming to stay relevant in a touchscreen world, the mobile phone pioneer is also trying to keep its established user base happy with a physical keyboard option.

Re: BlackBerry Casts Off Wobbly RIM
Posted by: TechGeniusOnline 2013-02-04 13:56:16 In reply to: Peter Suciu
Thanks for the great review. I think your overall review of the new BlackBerry 10 is quite good, while I don't necessarily agree with the fact that you and many other reviewers are expecting BlackBerry to come out with a "Pixy Dust" type device.

Blackberry has proven itself over the years as a reliable, secure phone OS for coporate and government uses. This, along with the fact that this new device is completely revamped will be enough to capture even more users that are looking for a more recure device. The new BB10 design, features and more secure OS will be an excellent fit for their niche market while Apple, Android and Windows stay in the consumer grade market. As more hacks and jail breaks come out for Apple, Android and Windows, the business user will choose Blackberry as a more reliable choice.

I think Wall Street is emotional at the moment but when earnings come out, I think BlackBerry will be very promising this year and for years to come. Come visit our website for more reviews at www techgeniusonline com
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