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Re: Facebook Growth May Have Hit a Wall
Posted by: Peter Suciu 2012-07-18 23:56:12
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Facebook shares fell on Tuesday, as the social network faces problems adding new users in multiple markets. The number of users on Facebook in the United States actually slipped by 1.1 percent, according to a new report from Capstone Investments. Facebook has seen phenomenal growth since its inception in 2004, and last reported having more than 900 million users. So it shouldn't be surprising that growth is slowing. "Facebook cannot continue its hockey stick growth forever," said Rebecca Lieb, analyst of digital advertising and media at Altimeter Group.

Re: Facebook Growth May Have Hit a Wall
Posted by: trumpthumb 2012-07-19 12:42:39 In reply to: Peter Suciu
There is a major misconception about Facebook. First it is free! Of course there are millions of users and traffic to the site. Second, it is a chat, forum, etc. that has unique features for “free.”

Marketing companies should focus their efforts on driving traffic from Facebook to their web sites, and not try to sell on Facebook. That is not what the site was intended for. It is a place to share and interact.

I’ve been a developer and Digital Marketer for over 10 years and have seen so much money being thrown at Facebook with “0”ROI. Pretty sad.

What most companies should understand is the web has a place for everything. The power is in the end users (consumer) hands. If they want to order pizza they’ll go to a pizza joint. They will not go to a clothing store to search for pizza. Period!

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