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Re: The Cloud Will Transform Every Company in Every Sector
Posted by: Jeff Kagan 2012-01-26 05:21:11
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We've been hearing a lot about the cloud, but what is it exactly? Going forward, I will be writing about different companies and ideas and the cloud, but here I'll focus on this new area and how it will transform every company in every industry over the next several years. We are starting to see companies like Apple, Amazon and Barnes & Noble enter this cloud-space for their customers. This helps them lock in their customer base and grow. But the cloud has many sides. It also helps companies better manage internal business operations and more.

Ridiculous Article
Posted by: WalterI 2012-01-26 05:30:07 In reply to: Jeff Kagan
This article refers to "the cloud" as some uniform substance like water. Variants of cloud computing have been in use for decades. Newer forms such as what Amazon, Apple, and others are pursuing are simply exchanging one form of server arrangement for another. It accomplishes the same thing, but with greater redundancy. As for customers using "the cloud" to a greater degree, that's it. We're offered the opportunity to communicate and store data online more, but at a cost both monetary, in terms of privacy, and in terms of security.

Get real. This is not a sea change or the debut of revolutionary new technology. It is an evolution of existing storage technologies and their application.
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