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Re: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad gTLD?
Posted by: Naseem Javed 2011-06-16 01:20:27
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When a good name identity is super-glazed with a good trademark protection plan,
there is no reason why it would be hurt by ICANN's gTLD. Executives at companies with great names like "Google," "Sony," "Panasonic," "Rolex," "Microsoft" or "CNN" are not losing sleep over gTLD, but those at some other mega corporations of the world, with names like "United," "National," "Star," "Total," "Union," "Monster," "Metro" or "General" are scrambling to find refuge and declaring gTLD a new major threat.

Boardrooms?..But What About the Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms & Studies?
Posted by: Dashworlds 2011-06-16 02:51:32 In reply to: Naseem Javed
Perhaps gTLDs should also be about allowing the “average” Internet user an opportunity to compete on reasonably equal terms with the few Corporations/Multi-Nationals mentioned above that seem to hold most (if not all) the cards.

With over 200 million domain names already registered (about 90 million of them dotcoms), trying to find a creative, unique, relevant and memorable address for less than a few million dollars, has become an almost impossible task. Even if you're really lucky to find something interesting (that's hopefully not too expensive), just ask the person closest to you how many websites they can actually recall. The chances are maybe a dozen (and that will include the likes of Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter). Change is needed to bring the Web back to a more level playing field.

Brand new Dashcoms (not Dotcoms) are highly memorable and relevant domain names in the format "business-com", "jazz-music", "paris-fashion" (you can even use some Facebook Emoticons like musical notes). Totally outside the realm & control of ICANN, you can create any domain or TLD in any language, instantly and at no cost.

With users in over 90 countries worldwide, resolution is via an APP; although ISP links are now available to make that unnecessary (ISP Links that are also available to ICANN).

This is just evolution and change. Not-so-long-ago people would have thought the Internet itself to be a complete waste of time effort and money. Surely a retailer, ANY retailer, (eg: a certain bookstore) would be mad to waste time, money and resources trying to sell anything over the Inter-Something? After all why would any consumer in their right mind even consider purchasing a vastly expensive computer, install/rent new phone lines, buy a modem (what's a modem?), buy an OS (what's an OS??), learn how to use it all.....Just to buy a book???.....All they had to do was pick up a phone.

Having just one Internet arena floating in infinite cyberspace is like saying you can visit anywhere in the USA as long you stick to Route 66. So now, just as in the USA and everywhere else in the world, the Web has more than one option.
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