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Re: Storm Clouds Darken Over Sony
Posted by: Rob Spiegel 2011-04-27 23:28:51
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Sony confirmed that its recent site outages were caused by compromised security in a blog post on Tuesday. Between April 17 and 19, hackers gained access to PlayStation Network and Qriocity user account information, the company revealed, and its shutdown of PSN and Qriocity on April 20 was a reaction to that security breach. A week later, PSN is still down, although Sony expects to have it back up and running within another week. Sony has enlisted the services of an outside security firm to investigate what occurred. Already irritated by the network downtime, many users are now outraged by news that their data has been exposed.

Black Ops is down Yo!
Posted by: Heywes 2011-04-27 23:35:48 In reply to: Rob Spiegel
Most of the "suffering" people under the lack of PSN are people wanting to play a Call of Duty game (or potentially Portal 2 + some various other games) but the bulk are just kids/teens, and i don't see their lack of video games as "suffering".
I have a PS3 and i know several others that do, we would rather have the system down and the integrity in check as apposed to risking our information while having game time.
Considering this could happen to any company and it happened to be Sony that was hit, you cannot blame Sony. They took appropriate measures in taking the PSN down, a little bit more information would have been nice, but the PSN is not a paid service, its free and Sony are not required to supply us with said service, they could discontinue it if they so desired. Thats something to many people (many of those that have never looked at or studied Shareware/Freeware software that is available), anything free comes with risks (from lack of support, to the complete removal or discontinuation of the service). Consumers lack understanding.
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