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It's a fact that might not bring a lot of comfort to consumers and businesses, but it's true: The methods for protecting e-commerce transactions haven't changed a great deal since online shopping became a viable option in the early '90s. SSL and TSL encryption are the protocols that slap on that little padlock you see at the bottom of a Web site once you've begun the purchase process. "The SSL is still used today because it largely is pretty effective," said Mark Lieberg, information security manager, CISSP, for 60-year-old catalog company/direct retailer Fingerhut.

This is US Patent 7,111,078…Finally
Posted by: stevehirst 2009-06-11 17:56:36 In reply to: Renay San Miguel
We agree with the article 100%. The first company to guarantee a users complete 100% safety against identity theft, cookies, virus, trojans…will rule the ENTIRE ecommerce landscape. We applaud Fingerhut’s attempt.

With the prevalence of handheld devices, the ability for ecommerce to thrive even greater than today exists. The ability to attract impulse purchasing increases … if the buyer feels 100% safe. Today, buyers do not because of the internet flaws that we deal with everyday. According to Gartner 1.6 Billion in ecommerce sales LOST because of security concerns.

We have a US Patent that addresses this very concern 100%. Issued September 19, 2006, Patent Number 7,111,078 (MA`AT / GARA) defines and delineates anonymous transactions by indirect access. The indirect access can include but is not limited to:

• The internet;

• Mobile devices;

• Telephone, etc.

7,111,078 is a system for allowing a user to access content from a provider, the system comprising:

(a) a server for establishing a first connection to the user and a second connection to the provider to access the content; and

(b) a database for maintaining accounting information for the user and for the provider;

(c) wherein the server communicates with the provider over the second connection to retrieve the content to be accessed by the user without disclosing identifying information about the user to the provider;

(d) wherein when the content comprises a link to further content, the server delivers the content to the user while reformatting the link to prevent the user from following the link to the further content, and

(e) wherein the server reformats the link to the further content by replacing the link to the further content with a modified link for accessing the further content through the server.
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