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Re: Clear Channel to Widen Online, Mobile Streams
Posted by: Deborah Yao 2009-06-09 22:32:58
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Clear Channel Communications, the nation's largest owner of radio stations, is ramping up its strategy to stream radio to mobile phones, computers and other devices. On Monday, Clear Channel was officially launching an online media player that consolidates access to its roughly 850 radio stations at The player also serves as a streamlined showcase for advertisers -- including full-page ads with interactive "widgets" that can be embedded in blogs.

Digital Works
Posted by: gmandelk 2009-06-09 23:17:35 In reply to: Deborah Yao
It's a very interesting proposition about Web and mobile impressions by the digital impresario Evan Harrison.

He knows he's got real estate on his radio station's Web sites and on listeners' mobile devices. He can leverage the concept of "psychographics." On the Web, things are much more about what's on your mind as opposed to how much money you make and the age of your body cells.

Nevertheless, some listeners are sensitive about what goes on their mobile cells. This is especially true when some radio stations give their content for free, e.g., podcasts stripped of ads. Additionally, some digital people zap all ads, by instinct or machine. I make my living trying to place ads, and wonder what kind of armor can I build against the automatic Tivo's and manual popup haters? Yes, some hacker out there may create free software that obliterates these otherwise cost-effective Internet ads being offered.

Well, you do have the psychographic benefit. If the ad is relevant to what's on the listener's mind, he will click on it. He won't mind if it's on their site or on their mobile device. Nevertheless, the emphasis must always be on enhancing the listener's experience. Many other Internet properties claim they're the place for that, beginning with Google's granddaddy of sponsored ads sections.

Such issues are clearly not black-and-white, even though some of us call them "Digital Works." (Whether "Works" is a noun or verb is up to the customer.)
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