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Re: Surviving the Downturn Through Social Marketing
Posted by: Mike Talbot 2009-06-09 15:24:53
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Social marketing offers a new way to interact with consumers, but aside from being another channel, it requires a different mindset to achieve results. This is Web 2.0, where the consumer is in charge of the message and will angrily resist big brand pressure and broadcast marketing. Content needs to have merit to thrive in the social space, so cheesy slogans are out and well-thought comments and humor are in. So where to start with this new medium? That depends on what kind of business you are in.

Marketing Social Media with Purpose
Posted by: gmandelk 2009-06-09 23:29:39 In reply to: Mike Talbot
Like so many things, the effectiveness is governed by the purpose. That's what makes or breaks the use of a medium.

Social media in particular seems easy at first because, yes, anybody can do it. Yet the last thing anyone wants to feel is that they're part of a marketing blitz. Many social media users use it precisely to get away from the commercial world. (Some don't have connections in the real world, preferring instead to have 5,000 Facebook friends than 5 real live humans, none of which can change your flat tire.)

Social media is also quick to abandon if people don't consider their purpose. Why are they using it? What do they hope to gain out of it?

While you may see lots of people using social media, you're also seeing the online equivalent of ghost towns throughout CyberSpace. You spoke of Twitter, which some people say 60% of its users abandon so quickly. You also have LinkedIn profiles which some say is the key to Networking, yet others don't bother updating their LinkedIn any more because nobody replied like they expected. Or those who did were either spammers or people with situations more desperate than them in this economy.

So you have those things to contend with: the marketer who needs to establish their purposes with social media (especially using benchmarks and appropriate messaging), and the growing embracing yet dismayed population who feels disappointed by their "lovers"/"customers" who never showed up.
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