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E-commerce has eluded many small businesses. A survey by Arthur
Andersen and National Small Business United shows that of the 53
percent of small and midsize businesses that have Web pages,
only 23 percent use them to sell goods or services.

Most respondents said the biggest barrier to doing business online
is lack of time. That's no surprise to Holly Hutchison-Cole, who
sometimes doesn't switch on her computer for a week. "I think computers
are the biggest time-consuming time-saving devices we ever developed,"
said the co-owner of Reproductive Health Center.

Re: Arizona Small Businesses Say They Get Along Fine Without E-Commerce
Posted by: Dean Groom 2001-07-31 02:57:50 In reply to: ECT News
Small businesses in Australia are TIME POOR. They all like the idea of a site, and want to be on-line - but they all are faced with putting in content, which they see as a huge mountain to climb, so most hang out at the base and walk about a bit, pondering if indeed they'll ever actually climb it. Our web business has an ecom solution to self manage a real site at low cost, but even at US$90 a month, this still does not motivate them to get started! - I think PCs are seen as a hassle - download this, install that which most of the time causes more stress. Unless the technology is simplified, small biz just can't face the climb - at any price, be it $90 a month or $9,000 a build.
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